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March 28, 2018

This will take several minutes to read, but it’s worth it, for those interested.

The following is Chapter Four of David Ray Griffin’s book The New Pearl Harbor

THE PRESIDENT’S BEHAVIOR: WHY DID HE ACT AS HE DID? Disturbing questions about the official account have been raised not only by the four aircraft crashes of 9/11 but also by President Bush’s behavior on that day. Although the questions that critics have raised about that behavior are legion, I will focus on those that seem most disturbing. The president’s schedule that day called for him to visit an elementary school in Sarasota, Florida, where he was to listen to students read as a “photo opportunity.” He arrived at the school shortly before 9:00 AM, at which time, according to at least one version of the official account, he was told that a plane had flown into the WTC. Since it was by then known that this plane as well as two others had been hijacked, one would assume, critics point out, that the president would also know this. Allan Wood and Paul Thompson state the problem thus:

The first media reports of Flight 11’s crash into the World Trade Center began around 8:48, two minutes after the crash happened. CNN broke into its regular programming at that time…. So within minutes, millions were aware of the story, yet Bush supposedly remained unaware for about another ten minutes.1

Critics find this difficult to believe. The members of the president s traveling staff, including the Secret Service, argues Barrie Zwicker, “have the best communications equipment in the world.” Accordingly, says Zwicker, within a minute after the first airliner hit the World Trade Center, the Secret Service and the president would have known about it.2 In fact, Thompson points out, Vice President Cheney evidently let the cat out of the bag. During his interview on “Meet the Press” on September 16, Cheney said: “The Secret Service has an arrangement with the FAA. They had open lines after the World Trade Center was…”—stopping himself, Thompson adds, before finishing the sentence.3 So, the Secret Service personnel in the presidents motorcade, including the ones in his own car, would have known about the first attack on the WTC before the motorcade arrived at the school at 9:00. Indeed, it is even part of the official account that Ari Fleischer, the White House press secretary, learned about the first attack on the way. Having cited that story, Thompson adds: “It would make sense that Bush is told about the crash immediately and at the same time that others hear about it. Yet Bush and others claim he isn’t told until he arrives at the school.” Thompson’s implied question, of course, is that if President Bush knew about the crash before arriving at the school, why did he and others pretend otherwise? The vice presidents inadvertent revelation about the open lines between the Secret Service and the FAA creates an even greater difficulty, critics point out, for another part of the official account. Upon learning that a plane had hit the WTC, President Bush reportedly referred to the crash as a “horrible accident.”4 However, Zwicker’s complete statement, only partially summarized above, includes the point that by that time, the Secret Service and the president would have known that several airliners had been hijacked. So how could President Bush have assumed that the first crash into the WTC was an accident? Giving voice to the disturbing question raised by this story, Thompson asks: “[Are] Bush and his aides putting on a charade to pretend he doesn’t know there is a national emergency? If so, why?”5 In any case, the president was then reportedly updated on the situation via telephone by his National Security Advisor, Condoleezza Rice, who would presumably have made sure that he knew not only about all the hijackings but also that the Director of the CIA, George Tenet, had already concluded that the hijackings were orchestrated by Osama bin Laden to carry out terrorist attacks.6 But the president reportedly told the school’s principal that “a commercial plane has hit the World Trade Center and we’re going to go ahead and…do the reading thing anyway.”7 Critics find this incredible. If the hijackings were unanticipated occurrences, as claimed, with one of the hijacked airplanes having already completed its terrorist mission, the country was suffering the worst terrorist attack of its history. And yet the Commander in Chief, rather than making sure that his military was prepared to shoot down all hijacked planes, sticks to his planned schedule. The strangeness of this behavior is brought out well in a summary of the situation by Wood and Thompson:

At approximately 8:48 AM …, the first pictures of the burning World Trade Center were broadcast on live television…. By that time, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD), the National Military Command Center, the Pentagon, the White House, the Secret Service, and Canada’s Strategic Command all knew that three commercial airplanes had been hijacked. They knew that one plane had been flown deliberately into the World Trade Center’s North Tower; a second plane was wildly off course and also heading toward Manhattan…. So why, at 9:03 AM— fifteen minutes after it was clear the United States was under terrorist attack—did President Bush sit down with a classroom of second-graders and begin a 20-minute pre-planned photo op?8

Bush’s behavior is made even more astounding by the fact that his Secret Service would have had to assume that he was one of the intended targets. Indeed, one Secret Service agent, seeing the television coverage of the crash of the second airliner into the WTC, reportedly said: “We’re out of here.”9 But if one of the agents actually said this, he was obviously overruled. At the same time, by contrast, Cheney and Rice were reportedly being rushed to bunkers under the White House.10 And yet, “For some reason, Secret Service agents [do] not hustle [Bush] away,” comments the Globe and Mail ‘‘Why doesn’t this happen to Bush at the same time?” Thompson asks. “Why doesn’t the Secret Service move Bush away from his known location?”11 The reason for pressing this question is that, as Wood and Thompson point out: “Hijackers could have crashed a plane into Bush’s publicized location and his security would have been completely helpless to stop it.”12 This apparently unconcerned behavior, critics point out, continued for almost an hour. The intelligence expert James Bamford has written:

[H]aving just been told that the country was under attack, the Commander in Chief appeared uninterested in further details. He never asked if there had been any additional threats, where the attacks were coming from, how to best protect me country from further attacks…. Instead, in the middle of a modern-day Pearl Harbor, he simply turned back to the matter at hand: the day’s photo op.13

This photo opportunity involved, as indicated above, the president’s listening to second graders read a book about a pet goat. After Bush had been in the classroom a few minutes, his chief of staff, Andrew Card came in and whispered in his ear, reportedly telling him about the second attack. But the president, after a brief pause, had the children go ahead with the reading demonstration. To emphasize the strangeness of this behavior, Bamford adds this reflection:

As President Bush continued with his reading lesson, life within the burning towers of the World Trade Center was becoming ever more desperate…. Within minutes, people began jumping, preferring a quick death to burning alive or suffocating.14

While this was going on, the president was listening to the students read: “The-Pet-Goat. A-girl-got-a-pet-goat. But -the-goat-did some-things -that -made -the-girls -dad -mad.” After listening to this for several minutes, President Bush made a joke, saying: “Really good readers, whew! These must be sixth graders!”15 Another person who has found the contrast between the presidents behavior and what was happening in New York troubling is Lorie van Auken, whose husband was one of the victims of the attacks on the towers. Having obtained the video of the president’s session with the children, she watched it over and over, saying later: “I couldn’t stop watching the president sitting there, listening to second graders, while my husband was burning in a building.” Also, noting that the president had just been told by an advisor that the country was under attack, she wondered how the president could make a joke.16 Besides joking, the president lingered, not at all acting like a commander in chief with an emergency on his hands. Indeed, according to a book called Fighting Back by the White House correspondent for the Washington Times, Bill Sammon—a book that presents the White House perspective on most issues and generally provides an extremely sympathetic account of the president17 —Bush was “openly stretching out the moment.” When the lesson was over, according to Sammon’s account, Bush said:

Hoo! These are great readers. Very impressive! Thank you all so much for showing me your reading skills. I bet they practice too. Don’t you? Reading more than they watch TV? Anybody do that? Read more than you watch TV? [Hands go up] Oh that’s great! Very good. Very important to practice! Thanks for having me. Very impressed.18

Bush then continued to talk, advising the children to stay in school and be good citizens. And in response to a question, he talked about his education policy.” Sammon describes Bush as smiling and chatting with the children “as if he didn’t have a care in the world” and “in the most relaxed manner imaginable.” After a reporter asked if the president had heard about what had happened in New York, Bush said, “I’ll talk about it later,” then, in Sammons words, “stepped forward and shook hands with [the classroom teacher] Daniels, slipping his left hand behind her in another photo-op pose. He was taking his good old time…. Bush lingered until the press was gone.” Sammon, in fact, refers to the president as “the dawdler in chief.”20 Amazingly, perhaps stung by the criticisms of the president’s behavior, the White House put out a different account a year later. Andrew Card, Bush’s chief of staff, was quoted as saying that after he told the president about the second attack on the World Trade Center, Bush “excused himself very politely to the teacher and to the students” and left the classroom within “a matter of seconds.”21 In an alternative wording of the new story, Card said, “Not that many seconds later the president excused himself from the classroom.”22 Apparently, say critics, the White House was so confident that none of its lies about 9/11 would be challenged by the media that it felt safe telling this one even though it is flatly contradicted by Sammons pro-Bush book and by the video tape produced that day, which, as Wood and Thompson put it, “shows these statements are lies—unless ‘a matter of seconds’ means over 700 seconds!”23 In any case, back to real history, the president finally left the classroom at 9:16 to meet with his advisors, reportedly to prepare his television address to the nation, which he delivered at 9:29. Thompson comments: “The talk occurs at exactly the time and place stated in his publicly announced advance schedule—making Bush a possible terrorist target.”24 And not only Bush. When Andrew Card and Karl Rove were later asked why the president had not left the classroom as soon as he had word of the second attack, their answer, Wood and Thompson point out, was that he did not want to upset the children. But, they ask, “why didn’t Bush’s concern for the children extend to not making them and the rest of the 200 or so people at the school terrorist targets?”25 Might the answer be that Bush knew that there was really no danger? In any case, the president and his people then went in their scheduled motorcade on their scheduled route to the airport, during which they reportedly learned that the Pentagon had been struck and also heard that the president’s plane, Air Force One, was a terrorist target. Nevertheless no military escort was ordered. “Amazingly,” says Thompson, “his plane takes off without any fighters protecting it,”26 This seems especially surprising given the feet that there were still over 3,000 planes in the air over the United States and there was no way to know at that time how many airlines had been hijacked. For example, about an hour later, Thompson reports, the FAA had said that there were six missing aircraft— a figure that Cheney subsequently mentioned—and at one time eleven flights were suspected of having been hijacked.27 According to Karl Rove, furthermore, the Secret Service had learned of “a specific threat made to Air Force One.”28 So, why had fighter jets not been ordered from one of the two nearby military bases, which have fighters on 24-hour alert?29 The strangeness of the president’s behavior, given the apparent circumstances, has not gone unnoticed by family members of the victims of the attacks of 9/11. For example, Kristen Breitweiser, whose question about how a plane could have struck the Pentagon was quoted earlier, also said:

It was clear that we were under attack. Why didn’t the Secret Service whisk him out of that school? He was on live local television in Florida. The terrorists, you know, had been in Florida…. I want to know why he sat there for 25 minutes.30

Much attention at the time was given to the fact that once Air Force One became airborne at 9:55, President Bush remained away from Washington for a long time, perhaps, speculated some commentators, out of fear. Indeed, some reporters who criticized the president on that score lost their jobs31 —which may account for why the White House could later be confident that the news media would not challenge any of its fabrications. In any case, the real question, the critics suggest, is why there was apparently no fear during the first hour. The implied question is, of course, a disturbing one: Did the president and at least the head of his Secret Service detail know that he was not a target? The idea that the Bush administration had advance knowledge of the attacks is further suggested by a statement later made by Bush himself: “I was sitting outside the classroom waiting to go in,” he claimed, “and I saw an airplane hit the tower—the TV was obviously on, and I used to fly myself, and I said, There’s one terrible pilot.”32 Given the fact that according to the official story, Bush did not have access to a television set until at least 15 minutes later,33 this statement raised questions. An article in the Boston Herald said:

Think about that. Bush’s remark implies he saw the first plane hit the tower. But we all know that video of the first plane hitting did not surface until the next day. Could Bush have meant he saw the second plane hit—which many Americans witnessed? No, because he said that he was in the classroom when Card whispered in his ear that a second plane hit.

Pointing out that Bush had told this story several times, the writer asked: “How could the Commander-in-chief have seen the plane fly into the first building—as it happened?”34 This is an excellent question. But it is simply one of many excellent questions mat have been raised by individual reporters and then allowed to die by the rest of the news media. They have not pressed for an answer. Thierry Meyssan, however, has suggested a possible answer. Pointing out that “according to his own declaration, the President of the United States saw pictures of the first crash before the second had taken place,” Meyssan emphasizes the fact that the pictures reportedly seen by Bush could not have been “those accidentally filmed by French documentary-makers Jules and Gedeon Naudet,” because “their video was not released until thirteen hours later.” On the morning of 9/11, therefore, Bush could not have seen the pictures of the first crash that we have all seen time and time again. Therefore, Meyssan suggests, the pictures must have been secret images transmitted to him without delay in the secure communications room that was installed in the elementary school in preparation for his visit. But if the US intelligence services could have filmed the first attack, that means they must have been informed beforehand.35 Meyssan’s suggestion, in other words, is that although the president did not see the plane fly into the first building “as it happened,” he did see it, as he claimed, before he went into the classroom. According to critics of the official account, in sum, the behaviour of President Bush on 9/11 reinforces the conclusion, inferable from the fate of the four crashed airliners, that government and military officials at the highest level had advance knowledge of, and conspired to allow; the traumatic events of that day.36 With regard to our list of possible views, furthermore, the critical account of the president’s behaviour seems to eliminate the first five possible views, according to which the White House had no expectation of any attacks. The behavior of President Bush and his Secret Service seems to imply at least the sixth view, according to which the White House expected some sort of arracks. Furthemore, if we accept Meyssan’s conjecture about Bush’s statement that he saw the first WTC crash on television before entering the classroom, the seventh view—according to which the White House had foreknowledge of the targets and the timing of the attacks—is suggested. That view is also suggested by the evidence that President Bush and his Secret Service seemed to know that they would not be targets of the attack.

3,000 dead, three skyscrappers destroyed by two planes … the Pentagon hit by a jumbo jet which couldn’t be found … nothing to see here folks.

March 26, 2018

“And moreover I saw under the sun the place of judgment, that wickedness was there; and the place of righteousness, that iniquity was there.”   Ecc. 3:16

World Trade Center Building 7

“We heard this sound that sounded like a clap of thunder … Turned around … we were shocked. It looked like there was a shockwave ripping through the building and the windows all busted out. About a second later the bottom floor caved out and the building followed after that.   A New York University medical student working as an emergency medical worker on 9/11/2001.

“I was real close to Building 7 when it fell down. That didn’t sound like just a building falling down to me. There’s a lot of eyewitness testimony down there of hearing explosions. All of a sudden I looked up, and … the thing started pealing [sic] in on itself. I started running and the whole time you’re hearing ‘boom, boom, boom, boom, boom.'”  Former NYPD officer.

All three buildings collapsed at free-fall speed. That can happen only by controlled demolition, period.

At the Pentagon:

“I knew it was a crash site before we got there, and I didn’t know what it was going to look like. I couldn’t imagine because the building is like rock solid. I expected to see the airplane, so I guess my initial impression was, ‘Where’s the plane? How come there’s not a plane?’ I would have thought the building would have stopped it and somehow we would have seen something like part of, or half of the plane, or the lower part, or the back of the plane. So it was a real surprise that the plane wasn’t there.”  Registered Nurse “Eileen.”

“Where are the big pieces that always break away in an accident? Where is all the luggage? Where are the miles and miles of wire, cable, and lines that are part and parcel of any large aircraft? Where are the steel engine parts? Where is the tail section that would have broken into large pieces?”  Former Navy and commercial pilot Ralph Kolstad.

“I was located at the E ring. And we had to escape the building before the floors, debris et cetera collapsed on us. And I don’t recall at any time seeing any plane debris. I walked through that place to try to get out before everything collapsed on us. Surely we should have seen something!”   Army officer April Gallop.

“I was impressed with how the building stood up, after they told me the size of the plane. And then I was in awe that I saw no plane, nothing left from the plane. It was like it disintegrated as it went into the building.”  Sgt. Reginald Powell.


I find it curious that no plane was actually found in the Pennsylvania field, and no plane was found at the Pentagon. Kind of amazing how that works! What’s even more amazing is how three sky-scrappers were brought down with two planes in New York. Yep, really amazing stuff.

We cannot compromise with the gun-grabbers

March 25, 2018

I saw this picture over at Twitter …

To answer the person’s question: Yes freedom is much more important than safety, if you want a direct answer to your question.

To bolster that answer, if we are to give up our freedom … or in the context of what the “March” is for … give up our Constitutional right to keep and bear arms and put our absolute trust in the U.S. government for safety, then we would be making a fatal mistake. History is full of that scenario where the people are unarmed and very bad thing happened to them via their governments. Since when do we think America is any different? Because politicians wear suits and flag pins? Because they say patriotic things? I believe they equally say unpatriotic things … just ask Barack and Michelle Obama how much they love America. Barack made it his mission to travel the globe and apologize for America’s greatness and liberties we enjoy. Michelle was never “proud” of America until Barack was elected.

I don’t want to get side-tracked here. So, don’t think for a minute that liberals and Democrats will stop at banning “assault style” weapons. That is only the starting point. Briefly, remember when abortion was the big issue of the day … back in the 70’s? The argument of the left was, “What about in cases of incest, rape and if the life of the mother is in danger?” We caved to that argument and voila, we got abortion on demand, for any reason, at any stage of pregnancy, and it’s been a fight ever since to stop the unrestrained murder of tens of millions of unborn babies.

There can be absolutely no compromise with the left.

About those passports found on 9/11

March 23, 2018

Moving along here with some of the absurd explanations of the 9/11 Commission Report I think a lot of us remember that passports were ‘found’ at a couple of the crash sites. Lets take the guy Satam al-Suqami first. This is the guy whose passport was claimed to have been found at the World Trade Center. You know, just laying there, unscathed in all the rubble. At first the claim was made that it was found in the mess after the buildings collapsed. Now everyone knew this was way too bizarre to believe even for the most complete moron buying into the official government version. So, the 9/11 Commission had to come up with something, I guess not quite so ridiculous. They changed the story to say the guy’s passport was found before the buildings actually collapsed. The guy crashed the plane into the building, he was in the cockpit, and the passport came out of his pocket at impact, escaped the plane’s cabin, floated down to the ground, and someone happened to see it and pick it up just before the building collapsed.

Ahem … next up Flight 93, the plane that was shot down … er … crashed into the field in Pennsylvania. Ziad Jarrah was said to be flying the plane and his passport was found at the alleged crash site. Okay, a plane wasn’t even found at the site. The reason a jumbo jet liner wasn’t found there we’re told, is that the plane was flying downward at 580 miles per hour and the ground was real soft. So the plane was just kind of sucked down into the earth … deeply buried in the ground. Yet the guy’s passport was found laying on the ground. I guess the guy just tossed his passport out of an open window at the last second before crashing the plane into the ground and voila, there it is! Oh, right along with a red terrorist headband.

Folks, it’s crap like the above which makes me tend to think we have been lied to. It smells … actually reeks of the good old-fashioned government cover-up. But hey, that’s just me. I get it. It’s better to just let it go because there isn’t a damn thing we can do about it. 3,000 innocent Americans sacrificed, not to mention U.S. service men and women’s lives in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, not to mention the hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians murdered since.

I really tried to avoid this part but I can’t help myself. I utterly loath G.W. Bush and his entire administration. I’m sore vexed every time I see him, “Condi” Rice, etc. giving speeches and how they are held up as such patriots. They are nothing but liars and traitors. It makes me sick every time I see them at some 9/11 memorial with their phony sad faces, laying wreaths, shedding fake tears … when all along they are the very people responsible to untold misery, turmoil and the spread of evil across the Middle East.

What’s happening in South Africa

March 22, 2018

A little tid-bit here to make you aware of what some of Obama’s “sons” are up to in South Africa.

The Bush Administration and 9/11/2001

March 21, 2018

Moving forward on what I wrote the other day, I’m going to spend a little time highlighting items from David Ray Griffin’s book, The New Pearl Harbor. The book is available on pdf. I’m currently reading his follow-up or revised book, The New Pearl Harbor Revisited, which corrects some time-lines and refines some details he got wrong in his first book, none of which indicates he is wrong in suggesting the Bush Administration orchestrated or at the very least was complicit in the events of 9/11/2001. He happens to be right on the mark. The Bush Administration undoubtedly coordinated, and with the help of the media, lied and covered us the most treasonous and traitorous crime in U.S. history.

I’ll provide a short list of topics found in Chapter nine of The New Pearl Harbor. You can click of the pdf link above and use that to read up on how Mr. Griffin arrived at his conclusions.

Here are the first twelve in the list:

1. Several FAA flight controllers exhibited extreme incompetence on 9/11, and evidently on that day only.

2. The officials in charge at both NMCC and NORAD also acted incompetently on 9/11, and evidently on that day only.

3. In particular, when NMCC-NORAD officials did finally order jet fighters to be scrambled to protect New York and Washington, they ordered them in each case from more distant bases, rather than from McGuire and Andrews, respectively.

4. After public statements saying that Andrews Air Force Base had no jet fighters on alert to protect Washington, its website, which had previously said that many jets were always on alert, was altered.

5. Several pilots who normally are airborne and going full speed in under three minutes all took much longer to get up on 9/11.

6. These same pilots, flying planes capable of going 1,500 to 1,850 miles per hour, on that day were all evidently able to get their planes to fly only 300 to 700 miles per hour.

7. The collapse of the buildings of the World Trade Center, besides occurring at almost free-fall speed, exhibited other signs of being controlled demolitions: molten steel, seismic shocks, and fine dust were all produced.

8. The video and physical evidence suggesting that controlled demolition was the cause of the collapse of the Twin Towers co-exists with testimony from people in these buildings that they heard, felt, and saw the effects of explosions.

9. The collapse of WTC-1 and WTC-2 had some of the same features as the collapse of WTC-7, even though the latter collapse could not be attributed to the impact and jet fuel of an airplane.

10. Both the North Tower and the South Tower collapsed just as their respective fires were dying down, even though this meant that the South Tower, which had been hit second, collapsed first.

11. Governmental agencies had the debris, including the steel, from the collapsed WTC buildings removed without investigation, which is what would be expected if the government wanted to prevent evidence of explosives from being discovered.

12. Physical evidence suggesting that what hit the Pentagon could not have been a Boeing 757 co-exists with testimony of several witnesses that the aircraft that did hit the Pentagon was far smaller than a 757.

Of course many of us remember that day and probably exactly where we were and what we were doing. I was at work and my wife (at the time) called me and said, “A commuter plane just crashed into one of the buildings of the World Trade Center in NYC!” A little while later she called me and said, “Another plane just crashed into the other World Trade Center building and they aren’t commuter planes, they’re jumbo jets!” At the first call, I was thinking, “Man, how could a pilot make that kind of error?” among other thoughts. On the next call naturally I knew something very bad was happening … A little while later she called me and said one of the buildings fell down, just collapsed. I said, “There is no way the building just collapsed! Do you know how big those buildings are???” (she had never been to New York) She goes, “It’s on the news and I’m watching it!” I finally grabbed a television from the driver’s room and took it into my office and fired it up. I’ll never forget watching the buildings fall. My absolute first thoughts as I watched the buildings come down was … “Somebody is setting off explosives in the buildings!!!” You can’t help but not see the explosions emitting from the sides of the buildings ahead of the collapsing floors above. Anyway, from that point on I knew the cover up was coming and it started immediately.

Come on folks. You’ll never convince me for one second these people aren’t lying …


The Bush Administration orchestrated 9/11/2001 … introduction

March 20, 2018

Each year around Sept. 11 I usually post something about the events of 9/11/2001. I neglected to do that this past year. I’ve always been disgusted in the fact that the phrase “Never Forget” has been swept away along with it’s application to the most insidious, ignominious, treacherous plan executed on America in history. There is absolutely no doubt the Bush administration orchestrated the events of that day. It’s stunning to me that people who are conservatives readily buy into the absurd explanation put forth by the 9/11 Commission. In fact they generally buy into it more easily than liberals. At least liberals know that the Bush administration lied about everything. I think conservatives do too, just not to the same extent as liberals.

If one stops for a minute and considers the past couple of decades starting with President Clinton then G.W. Bush, then Obama I think the conclusion that there really is a “deep state” with nefarious plans for America is evident. Donald Trump winning the election is the bump-in-the-road delaying the wiping out of civil liberties and the consolidation of global powers. Had Hillary won the election as planned, we would be witnessing an accelerated demise of the Constitution and the liberties and freedoms guaranteed therein.

I’ll be writing more about 9/11/2001 in the up-coming days ahead as I think it’s crucial that we realize there are people, former and present government officials who are enemies of the state and intend to collapse the sovereignty of America.

Yeah, I know … “conspiracy theorist!” Not quite. The official version by the 9/11 Commission is a conspiracy theory as there is absolutely no evidence to support their claims.

It’s difficult to grasp the fact that our political leaders could sacrifice thousands of innocent Americans. I mean, they wear suits and flag-pins!

“We are adapt to shut our eyes against a painful truth.” Patrick Henry


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