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To keep from reporting about Biden, the media continues to focus on President Trump

September 17, 2021

There is so much stuff going on it’s difficult to keep up. Team Biden is so corrupt the media can’t even cover up for them, so they simply bury any story negative to Biden or focus on President Trump. I checked Yahoo News yesterday. At any given time there were no less than thirteen (13) articles about Trump on the home page. As I write this sentence there are twelve (12) articles at Yahoo bashing Trump. Maybe we can look for a few things either barely mentioned on the major media or left out completely and see what we can come up with.

Biden and company positioned U.S. military personnel around the Kabul airport and trusted the Taliban to protect them. The Taliban let a suicide bomber through security and murdered thirteen U.S. service men and women … average age of the killed … 22 years old. Well, this didn’t look too good and team Biden targeted some poor sap in a pickup truck going about his daily routine and blew the guy up and several folks riding along with him. We were told, as the media actually leaped on this account, that American forces blew up an ISIS “K” (whatever) member who was looking to detonate an explosive laden truck at Kabul airport again. In other words, team Biden saved the day by taking out a terrorist threatening our servicemen. It turns out the guy team Biden killed was an innocent civilian. Also killed were a couple other adults and seven children. General Kenneth McKenzie, another class act on the Biden team said, “First, I will stress this was not a rushed strike. The strike cell deliberately followed and observed this vehicle and its occupants for eight hours while cross-checking what they were seeing, all available intelligence to develop a reasonable certainty of the imminent threat that this vehicle posed to our forces.” My question to the good general is, If your “strike cell” followed and observed the vehicle and it’s occupants for eights hours, how could the strike cell come to the conclusion that the occupants, the man (who was an aid worker and his children posed a threat to our forces? And folks, here’s the real “kick” to the cods, the source team Biden “acted upon trace back to an unreliable tip from the Taliban. The Taliban tipped off U.S. intelligence as a part of a disinformation operation to frame the United States as an unreliable ally for remaining Afghan resisters and to serve as a recruitment tool.” So these dumb-asses handed over security of Kabul airport to the Taliban, who then let ISIS murder 13 of our people, then the Taliban set up Biden’s intelligence folks to murder an innocent guy (who helped us) and his family. Nicely done!

In Del Rio, Texas around 12,000 mostly Haitians are crowded under a bridge (that’s in the U.S.) Fox News sent out a drone which captured pictures and video of the mess. The FAA, under instructions from the Biden administration stopped all drone flights from flying over the area and filming the chaos … for security reasons. I was listening to the news on the way home this evening and it said the people would be relocated to cities across the U.S. (I’m sure there’s no COVID infected people in the crowd) Here’s a link to what Biden is doing at the border here in Texas. What chaps my a$$ is Gov. Abbott is dragging his feet in stopping this mess. It won’t be good for his re-election bid.

Then there’s General Milley’s phone call to the Communist Chinese general telling the guy if Trump decides to attack China that he would tip him off. Of course there will be hearings and all the other b.s. we’re so used to seeing and hearing about with zero happening. These guys blatantly lie to Congress and high five each other on the way out of the hearings. Nothing is going to happen to Milley.

The FEC let Twitter off the hook for colluding with the Democrats in censoring the Hunter Biden laptop story during the 2020 election. The fact that the story was buried by the major media and on Twitter and Facebook demonstrates their control over what Americans are allowed to know. Had the story been reported at all, Biden would not be squatting in the White House.

William Harvey Carney … a real American hero!

September 15, 2021
William Harvey Carney

I stumbled across this story and couldn’t help but feel gratitude. Today people worship professional athletes and perverts as “heroes” when U.S. history is filled with genuine heroes … some black, some brown, some white, some female and some male, but all bound by the love of America, the greatest nation ever.

William Harvey Carney is one. Here’s his story as told in Wikipedia:

William Harvey Carney (February 29, 1840 – December 9, 1908) was an American soldier during the American Civil War. Born as a slave, he was awarded the Medal of Honor in 1900 for his gallantry in saving the regimental colors (American flag) during the Battle of Fort Wagner in 1863. The action for which he received the Medal of Honor preceded that of any other African American Medal of Honor recipient; however, his medal was actually one of the last to be awarded for Civil War service.[1] African Americans received the Medal of Honor as early as April 1865.[2]

William Harvey Carney was born as a slave in Norfolk, Virginia, on February 29, 1840.[3] How he made his way to freedom is not certain. According to most accounts, he escaped through the Underground Railroad, and joined his father in Massachusetts. Other members of their family were freed by purchase or by the death of their master.[3][4]

Civil War[edit]

Carney joined the 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry in March 1863[3] and was later promoted to sergeant due to his heroism and actions during the battle of Fort Wagner. He took part in the July 18, 1863, assault on Fort Wagner in Charleston, South Carolina.[5] His actions there ultimately earned him the Medal of Honor. When the color guard was killed, Carney retrieved the U.S. flag and marched forward with it, despite serious wounds.[3][6] When the Union troops were forced to retreat under fire, he struggled back across the battlefield, eventually returning to his own lines and turning over the colors to another survivor of the 54th, saying, “Boys, I only did my duty; the old flag never touched the ground!”[4] He received an honorable discharge due to disability from his wounds in June 1864.[3][7]

You can read the rest right HERE

Sooo … maybe Joe Biden was black-mailed into giving the Taliban Bagram, and the weapons, etc.

September 14, 2021

Ted Cruz lists some of the most serious treasonous acts by team Biden. It’s too bad all this stuff is just talk similar to when Trey Gowdy “grilled” Hillary Clinton about Benghazi. He kicked her a$$ bad … then … nothing. All this will turn out the same. There is one much more serious possibility as to why Biden and company abandoned Bagram air field and left all the military equipment behind for the Taliban. Here’s a small excerpt from an article I read over at the American Thinker which makes more sense than any excuse the media or anyone in government can give …

A more likely scenario is that Afghanistan was surrendered at the urging of the Red Chinese, who saw an opportunity to blackmail old Joe for the many kickbacks he and his son, Hunter, had been taking throughout his years in Washington, D.C.  It is no secret that the Red Chinese have had their eye on Afghanistan’s mineral deposits.  Just two weeks before the American surrender, a Chinese delegation met in Kabul with the Taliban.  Although the mainstream media have protected and covered for Joe Biden, reports of information contained on Hunter Biden’s laptop and emails exchanged between his partner, Tony Bobulinski, and Hunter, are damning proof of illicit wheeling and dealing by the Bidens to provide access to the White House while Joe was vice president.

HERE IS THE LINK to that article. Take a few minutes to read it. That is the only thing that makes sense and fits perfectly with the Biden family and administration.

It’s Past Time To Wake Up

September 13, 2021

Please watch the following video. You’ll have to click on the link I’ll provide.


Take the vaccine … or not

September 12, 2021

China released the COVID 19 virus on the entire world. Hundreds of thousands of people have died either from it or “with it.” Anyone paying attention even in the most cursory way know the numbers have been grossly inflated. This is not to say the virus doesn’t exist and that it isn’t serious. I’m kinda wondering how China can release this thing (if it’s genuinely as deadly as “they” say) world-wide and there hasn’t been any repercussions at all. The politicians and the media continue to cover for China with the “accidental” lab-leak line of crap. Like, some Chinese guy or gal working in the lab with these dangerous viruses and one just decided to slip out the back door. “Whoops! My bad!”

Team Biden, Tony Fauci and company will feed us the line of b.s. because they know we’ll just eat it up. A little fear goes a long way. They are lying to us and have been the entire time. Personally I don’t care if anyone gets the vaccine. It’s a choice everyone has to make for themselves. Having said that, personally, I’m declining the thing and I’m willing to give my shots to anyone who wants them. Okay, I’m not an anti-vaxxer or anything like it. Again, if you want the shot, have at it. More than anything it’s the intensity in which it’s being pushed that causes me to not get it. All the entities of which I don’t believe a word of what they say, Biden and company, the media, Hollywood, W.H.O, the CDC, politicians, athletes, and on and on, all who have proven time and again to be liars about everything. Now that Biden is pushing even harder, demanding private companies to require their employees to take the vaccine, it tells me more and more there is something nefarious going on. Anyway, click on the following link and take about 14 minutes to find out some information about the so-called Delta Variant …


Then, if you’re interested you can watch about 5 or 10 minutes of this …

September 12, 2021

Welp, here we are, twenty years after the most horrific terror attack on America in history. Most people who have visited this blog for the last 10+ years know where I stand on this. So, I’m only going to say that Americans need heroes more than they need the truth. So, that’s good enough for me. I thank God for President Trump who visited the NYC police, firefighters and other first responders with a surprise visit. They were overjoyed.

That’s about all I want to say about 9/11/2001.

I’ve noticed the media still hasn’t let up on Trump bashing. Anytime I go to Yahoo News there are more headlines bashing President Trump than articles about Biden. Actually, I rarely even see articles about Ol’ Joe, and when I do they generally are neutral. I mean, the media damn sure aren’t going to write negative stuff. But it’s difficult to actually write anymore glowing articles about him seeing everyone knows he’s a disaster. G.W. Bush (like the other traitors) compared Trump supporters to the Taliban. Over at Bare Naked Islam, Bonnie posted the 9/11 Jumpers video. You need to click on the link and watch what G.W. Bush and company are responsible for. And to think, that p.o.s. has the nerve to compared the protesters (Trump supporters) of Jan 6 to terrorists.

He that ruleth over men must be just, ruling in the fear of God. 2 Sam 23:3

Town Hall … just another cowardly rag

June 6, 2021

There are several websites I visit on pretty much a daily basis. Town Hall, Bad Blue, Whatfinger, and American Thinker to name a few. Generally I’ll visit the above sites in the effort to stay away from the likes of Yahoo News. It seems like one can get just about the entirety of the liberal mind-set at Yahoo seeing they feature the Huff Post, Wash Post, The Wrap and Business Insider constantly. Like I said, I try to stay away from the still wildly popular Trump bashing loony bin on the left. I say “still wildly popular” because Yahoo and company regularly have four to six articles bashing Trump or one of his family members daily.

Well, try as we may, even conservative rags such as Town Hall hire young faux conservatives to write articles who can’t help but show their true colors. Of course we have to consider that Katie Pavlich who is the editor, in her infinite wisdom couldn’t bring herself to support Donald Trump in 2016. Hopefully, she’s come around now, but if she’s the one hiring over at Town Hall, I’m having serious doubts. I noticed this headline this morning … Kemp Welcomed with Boos at Georgia GOP Convention for Not Supporting Trump’s Election Lies. The author of that article is a guy named Landon Mion who can’t be much over 25 years old. The article isn’t very long and Mr. Mion basically called President Trump a liar no less than three times in it. such as, Trump has repeatedly criticized the governor for not indulging in false assertions of a stolen election. Clicking on the link provided by Mion takes you to an article at Forbes written by another youngster (female) who wrote for Vanity Fair, who claims the voter fraud “conspiracy” has been debunked. I guess my question (s) is/are, why did Ms. Pavlich give the okay for the ludicrous headline … Trump’s Election Lies, and this moron giving his opinion that the assertions of election fraud are false?

I noticed the article by Landon Mion is very … very similar to one over at Yahoo News written by BILL BARROW. Kinda wondering if there’s not a little plagiarism going on there? CHECK IT OUT RIGHT HERE and compare.

Is there not any so called conservative outlet that’s actually conservative? I can’t think of one conservatives radio host or one conservative ‘news outlet’ that isn’t deathly afraid of being cancelled over this election fraud issue. If I were the editor of Town Hall I’d send little Landon Mion over to Media Matters to write for them. But that ain’t going to happen.


Town Hall “updated” the article!!! It’s now Kemp Welcomed with Boos at Georgia GOP Convention for Not Supporting Trump’s Election Claims. Also, they removed all but one of the parts where Mion said that Trump’s voter fraud claims were false. Guess even ‘updates’ are thorough.

Democrats destroy everything they touch.

May 25, 2021

There is no doubt about it! Liberals, the left, Democrats destroy everything they touch or control. It’s beyond my comprehension that people, regular people actually vote Democrat. Look at just about any major city in America and anyone can see the filth, degradation, homelessness, crime and poverty increasing on a daily basis. Living in Texas is a blessing over all. Yet, as people move from liberal states and cities to this great state, they’re bringing their loony left-wing ideology with them. I think every large city in Texas is now run by Democrats and they are nothing but a certified sh#t-show like Chicago, New York and Los Angeles. People from all over the country are welcome here, but leave your loony left-wing crap behind.

Texas soon to have ‘constitutional carry’ in the state!

May 25, 2021

Texas Governor Greg Abbott said he will sign “Constitutional Carry” into law once the bill reaches his desk. That law will give Texans the lawful ‘right’ to carry a concealed firearm without a permit. That ‘right’ will be afforded to most Texans, eg those who can lawfully own a gun, and those without a felony conviction. According to articles such as this by the Associated Press, you don’t even have to pass a background check or go through any training. The statement, The bill would not prevent businesses from banning guns on their property, and federal background checks for some gun purchases would remain in place, is a bit misleading. Federal background checks to purchase a firearm (except for private sales) apply to all purchases. Another misleading statement is, Texas has allowed people to carry handguns since 1995, and has been reducing the cost and training requirements for getting a license for the last decade. Currently without a concealed carry permit a person cannot carry a pistol. You can have one in your car, like in your glove box. Also the training requirements in obtaining a concealed carry permit isn’t like taking a 30 minute written exam and plinking at a few targets for another 30 minutes. Granted it’s not as involved as say what the police go through, but it’s fairly thorough. It’s eight hours long and covers many situations for using and not using a gun. I know, myself and Rina went through the entire concealed carry program.

I’m glad Governor Abbott is signing the bill as I think every lawful gun owner should be able to carry a pistol if they choose to.

George Washington made America to be free

May 24, 2021

A video and a few pictures. Get out of them whatever you want.

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