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The CCP is winning with Biden’s help

December 18, 2021

I was reading the latest publication (print) from the Epoch Times. On page A6 there is the heading How the CCP Seeks to Control America. There’s a list of almost twenty ways and methods the Chinese Communist Party uses to overcome the United States. Top of the list is Politics with the heading Influencing And Compromising Politicians.

Here’s what is written regarding that: The CCP has worked for decades to influence and compromise U.S. politicians at every level of governmentall the way from school boards and city councils to the White House. In some cases, the CCP uses honeytraps to lure politicians or their family members into compromising situation, which the regime then uses to blackmail them. The CCP also uses so-called “soft-power,” providing incentives to politicians to do its bidding.

Of course the Epoch Times pointed out the obvious entities, Hollywood, Education, Censorship using social media, surveillance, Co-opting business elite, Covering up of COVID 19, to name a few.

One of the other important means the CCP uses in undermining the United States is, Influencing Media Outlets.

The description for the last one disappointed me as it only focused on incentivizing the media not to publish stuff critical of the Chinese regime. They completely left out just how corrupted the U.S. media is … even though that corruption is linked to the CCP.

When we think of how the CCP got control over politicians, Eric Swalwell comes to mind first. Swalwell is a sleaze-ball of epic proportions. Boffing a Chinese spy while serving on the House Intelligence Committee, thinking no one would notice demonstrates how much of a moron this guy is. Dianne Feinstein is another Democrat who had a driver/staffer for 20 years who also was a Chinese spy. Swalwell actually spoke at a 2013 event with Feinstein’s staffer. The event was organized by the spy Swalwell was having “relations” with. Feinstein just happened to be Chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee at the time she realized she’d been employing a spy for all that time.

No doubt there are many members of Congress, many in our intelligence agencies, high-ranking U.S. military personnel, and members of the First Family who are utterly compromised by the CCP. The Hunter Biden lap-top story was/is probably one of the most serious media and FBI cover-ups in modern history. Of course Hunter was worried only about the Russians black-mailing him and the “big guy.”

And as a bonus, I’ll include this little tid-bit by Wayne Allyn Root over at Town Hall. HERE No, Mr. Root. There aren’t any Republicans going to do a damn thing about the Communists and traitors in Congress or the military.

The Daily Mail has the Hunter Biden story. Man-O-Man, Hunter Biden is about as sleazy as they come.

You know, it’s not even worth fretting about all that crap. The corruption of the Biden family, Barack Obama, Bill and Hillary Clinton is beyond staggering. I think even more than that is the fact that they are literally untouchable. Who’s going to press any issue? The media? Congress? Military? Supreme Court? Every entity is corrupt … all are corrupt.

Remember, if you want to know what a liberal or a Democrat is, just listen and watch what they are accusing conservatives and Donald Trump of.

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  1. December 19, 2021 8:57 am

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  2. the unit permalink
    December 25, 2021 11:53 am

    Wishing y’all and your’ses Merry Christmas!
    My lapdance…er…top went kerplunk Thursday and had to buy another and set up and wait for hours of updates yesterday. Finally got it going. But had lost my links and memory is failing me these days.
    What to do? i mean how could I forget the basics, like i.e. ‘Cry and Howl:? I can’t explain. Except that somehow I remembered how you commented at Independent Sentinel, with Sara. Went there and in “about” found your avatar, which how could I forget that pic? Then went there and got link. Also went back in older articles on your blog and found ‘Bullright’, whose link I also needed.
    So yep, a very Merry Christmas for me. And for the right reasons as well, of course.

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    • December 29, 2021 7:55 am

      Tom, you ‘sound’ just like me! I always take the long way to get something done on this thing. What is troubling me right now is I have Norton anti ‘everything.’ VPN, personal information protection, etc. However I notice that when I search for stuff like homeowners insurance I get ad after ad on every site for … homeowners insurance. I thought a VPN hides your searches. I’m sorry about your ‘lap-dance’ … er … top. I had to buy Rina a new one a few months ago. Of course it had to be top of the line, fast, and Rina-proof! Ah yes, I sure wish you and your family a safe and blessed New Year brother!

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  3. Bullright permalink
    December 25, 2021 1:20 pm

    I was going to say, Hillary and the Clinton crime syndicate have to be neck deep in it too. Wherever money is involved…..

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    • December 29, 2021 7:57 am

      No doubt brother. Bill facilitated China’s theft of our ballistic missel delivery system a long time ago. I think “sold” is the more accurate word.

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