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No, President Trump did not fire McCabe

March 19, 2018

This is going to be very short. Here is a headline I just read at … yeah, Yahoo News but written at the Business Insider.

“Trump’s decision to fire McCabe 48 hours before his 50th birthday could cost him an estimated $60,000 a year over the next 5 years — here’s how it works”


Okay folks. When you read the article you’ll notice Trump’s name isn’t even mentioned therein. Trump didn’t fire McCabe, period. He actually had nothing to do with firing him. I’m not even going to get into who fired him, but it wasn’t President Trump. HERE is what’s going on.

I’m simply pointing out the way the media is playing people. You can go to the comments section of the article and read some of the comments. Most get it. Then read the replies to some of the comments. That is where the morons are spewing the most asinine crap … and all it takes is a phony headline to get them going. Genuinely pathetic. This also demonstrates in just a small way how the media is lying to the public.

Liberalism will win for now

March 18, 2018

It’s a little after 1:00 a.m. and I can’t sleep. Got up, read a little of Job then just started thinking about things. I was thinking about globalization. I started comparing in my mind about how the United States is divided by states, then counties, municipalities, etc. Each state has a governor, city managers, mayors, etc. We have a president as well. I suppose every country basically has the same internal structure. I suppose most folks in the varying countries are relatively free to travel in their country. We here in the U.S. certainly are. Of course different states have different laws. I also suppose each state has it’s good points and bad points. Cities have attractive areas and areas that aren’t so attractive. I think most of us will agree the more ‘unsavory’ areas are those in minority communities. I know that’s not going to go over well with some liberals … but I’ll challenge them to take a stroll in the Poly area of Ft. Worth or maybe Compton or perhaps Oak Cliff or Pleasant Grove in Dallas. Sorry folks that’s just the facts. In reality the folks in those communities have the liberal policies of the Democrat Party to thank for their problems.

When I was thinking more on the global part of the equation, there are the nations of the world. There is the United Nations in which leaders of those world nations get together and discuss stuff. I think what we’re seeing more and more is the desire for those leaders to open the borders of their countries creating free passage for everyone. They want to do away with the sovereignty of each nation and make the world one big happy country, without borders. Right now it’s more than obvious the leaders of western nations are fully on board with this as they continue to flood their own countries with millions of people from third world nations completely disregarding the will of their own countrymen. This is precisely what the Democrat Party is all about and frankly the Republicans as well. The world is made up of almost all liberal leaders. The very few who actually push back against this globalization are being punished by the U.N. Every western nation which has allowed the importation of the phony refugees fleeing war-torn countries has been importing crime and terrorism, rape, murder and chaos, poverty and disease and the citizens of those countries are suffering immensely. Yes, there are countries that are not as attractive as say the United States or France or the U.K. just like the more undesirable sections of large cities. And yes, they are nations of which the majority populations are people of color. However, it’s not them that make their countries sh#tholes. It’s the corrupt politicians and socialist policies which keep the people down and in poverty.

This is precisely what’s in store for the U.S. and the left is destroying America’s sovereignty. In reality there’s no stopping it in the years to come. There is no doubt the left, evil will prevail for a time. Because America has grown so soft and the left uses our compassion and even our guaranteed freedoms to welcome the “poor and down-trodden” of the world … to create a liberal voting population. This is going to take some time. One thing I am really happy about is the fact the people who are in charge of the demise of America right now won’t be around to see the fruit of their labor. The Bushes. The Clintons. The Obamas. George Soros and people of their ilk. Them and most of the present world leaders who are selling their own countries down the global toilet will be working out in the lower bowels of hell (provided God doesn’t grant them the gift of repentance) before their long sought after utopia is established.

No, I haven’t forgotten that this global society will need a leader … a president, just like every nation on earth. When all the societies and nations are one … there will have to be a leader of the whole enchilada. Can’t wait to see who that’s gonna be.

But, be of good cheer … we know who wins in the end!

Have a great Sunday. Read the Word … in there is contained the words of eternal life.

Dianne Feinstein: It’s “absurd” to suggest that criminals don’t follow the law!

March 15, 2018

Well, I see the statute of limitations has come and gone to prosecute former National Intelligence Director James Crap … er … Clapper for lying under oath to Congress. So, the Justice Department and U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions let another one slip on through the fingers of justice for the American people. Right along with Hillary (think ‘pay for play’), Barack (think Benghazi … hell, just think a full eight years!), Loretta Lynch (think non prosecution of Hillary and meeting Bill on the tarmac), Eric Holder (think Fast & Furious and lying to Congress) and Lois Lerner (think IRS scandal) to name a few others who will never be prosecuted for their nefarious deeds and treasonous acts. I noticed also that according to the New York Times, Sessions is being called on to fire Andrew McCabe who is retiring after this week. Who knows what that would do, beside maybe embarrass Mr. McCabe. To think anything else will come out of his ignominious dealings with the other FBI agents and their plan to bring the Trump presidency down would be foolish given the track record of the Justice Department.

Getting back to my opening couple of sentences, I’m just wondering why we haven’t figured out yet that we’ve been duped? Or is it ‘played?’ I look back at the past few decades and then think about the relative minor actions of Richard Nixon brought his presidency crashing down … and then I consider the stuff which transpired with G.W. Bush and Barack Obama and I think, ‘geez,’ how far down the path to socialism, to complete government control we’ve gone. I mean it’s as good as here.

Well, moving along here. The Democrats are in full “ban” mode right now. They’ve got school kids walking out of class, organizing marches all over the country, exploiting kids to further a gun-banning agenda. You know, maybe banning guns wouldn’t be a bad idea. I mean we can depend on the FBI and law enforcement agencies to keep us safe. Just ask Jovanni Sierra, Elaine Simon, and her 13-year-old son, Dane Bancroft. 

Or maybe we could ask some family members of the 17 kids shot at the school in Florida. Hey, a better idea! Let’s ask Nikolas Cruz how good a job the FBI and the coward … er … Broward County Sheriff’s Dept. did stopping him.

This morning I was reading an Op Ed at USA Today written by none other than gun-banning Dianne Feinstein. This Senator has publically stated that the Democrat ultimate goal is to “dry up” all access to all firearms for the public. Anyway in her Op Ed here are some of the things she says. You’ll have to put on your liberal reasoning cap to track with her reasoning as she tries to refute common sense points made by regular people …


One frequent refrain: “Criminals don’t follow the law.” This is absurd on its face. By this logic, we shouldn’t criminalize murder, rape or kidnapping. Laws exist to deter crime, and when a crime is committed, laws are there to ensure punishment is meted out.

So Ms. Feinstein, it’s “absurd on it face” that criminals don’t follow the law? Like I said, strap the liberal reasoning cap on tight. Uh, no ma’am, criminals don’t follow the law, that’s why they are called “criminals” … and just because there are laws, they damn well don’t “ensure punishment is meted out.” Ask the non-meting-out Justice Department how that really works.

Another canard: The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. Tell that to the 49 people killed in Orlando at the Pulse nightclub, where an armed guard was on duty and was unable to prevent the murders.

I don’t know who it is the folks who are being attacked are waiting for … could it be “good guys with guns” to stop the killing? Just because one guy couldn’t stop the Orlando shooting, thus basing your reasoning on one incident doesn’t exactly debunk the fact that in 100% of the mass shootings ends with the perpetrator taking his/her own life with a gun or the good guys with guns show up.

The first is getting military-style assault weapons such as the AR-15 off the streets.
These weapons fire much faster than typical hunting rifles. They fire rounds that are also deadlier than those fired from a hunting rifle. A Parkland radiologist noted that an AR-15 round may leave an exit wound “the size of an orange.” These weapons are designed to kill people, not animals.

Ms. Feinstein says that an AR15 bullet is ‘deadlier’ than those fired from a hunting rifle. Folks, compare a .223 bullet with a 30.06 bullet or the  .300 Win. Mag., both popular hunting rounds and both vastly more powerful or “deadlier” than the .223. I also think that any gun designed to kill animals are capable of killing people.

The ultimate goal of the Democrats is to ban gun ownership for civilians, period. We can argue all day long as to exactly what the founders meant by the 2nd amendment. The bottom line is the citizenry has the inherent right to protect ourselves from whomever is a threat. Whether that threat is a common criminal or the government. Yeah, I get the fact that the regular citizenry doesn’t stand a chance against the military in an armed conflict. Tanks, planes, heavy weapons etc. kind of has the advantage over what’s available to the public. However we could check with the North Vietnamese as to how to beat a superior military force. I think the U.S. got her ass handed to her during that ‘conflict.’ We could ask the Russians how their little campaign worked out for them in Afghanistan, I digress.

The national school walk-out yesterday illustrates the desperation of the Democrat Party. I find it disgusting they exploit school children to further their agenda. As disgusting as that is, I know also … that’s the Democrats in action. Any means justifies the end for them. More disgusting is this moron David Hogg and his canned rhetoric getting “famous” on the backs of his murdered school mates.

When Ms. Feinstein said, “The first,” as in first move to disarm the public, that means more to come.

HERE IS A TID-BIT as to how the left treats those of differing opinions.



Trump, Muslims and Mexicans

March 10, 2018

Here we go with just a bit more of the same. It can’t be too bad seeing as the major media hasn’t let up on all the usual. 313,000 new jobs were added last month holding unemployment at 4.1%. The President will meet with the North Korean leader in hopes of solving the aggressive problem with the lunatic and could possibly get it under control. There is a 25% tariff (tax) on U.S. cars sold in China … 2% on Chinese cars sold in the U.S. Trump is looking to make that somewhat more even. We get a massacre at a school in Florida and everyone says, “Do something!” He makes a suggestion in developing a plan to make it harder for a gunman to enter a school … “Hell no! That’s a bad idea!” The only thing that might work is to raise the age to buy a gun to 21 yrs. and ban scary looking semi-automatic rifles, according to liberals and the media. The President along with the Republican controlled congress put forward a new tax plan which gives 90% of American taxpayers a break … not one Democrat voting for it.

With all the President is dealing with and actually making huge strides in restoring the economy and creating jobs, dealing with lunatic dictators, lunatic school shooters, etc, all we’re getting from the media is reports about some porn star who says she had an affair with Trump 12 or 13 years ago … the Russians gave the election to Trump which he really didn’t want to win … any gaff he might make is a headline … his limo drove through a yellow light … he’s getting rich working for free as President … on and on and on.

So, enough of that crap. I had included a bunch of links to the utter nonsense of 24/7 Trump bashing but anyone with access to the internet or a television already sees it. I ran across this article which really chaps my a$$ in that we’re facing the same stuff here in the United States.

A little side note here: A veteran in California took some hostages yesterday at a veterans care facility. He killed the three women hostages and then killed himself. At first the media focused on what kind of gun the guy had and reported that information was unavailable. I see this morning that … The Napa Valley Register reported that a man wearing body armor and armed with an automatic weapon entered the home. An “automatic weapon.” I’ll just leave it at that.

White Christian Woman Gets 9 Months Prison For What She Said To Muslim Child Rapists

Thanks to Mad World News

In a flagrant case of a Western court bowing to Sharia law, a white Christian woman was sentenced to a whopping 9 months in prison merely because of what she said to convicted child gang-rapists.

Leftists often assure us that the Muslims who inflict oppression and violence are just a “tiny minority of extremists,” arguing that the majority of Muslims merely want to peace. However, as Europe is already witnessing, their “tiny minority” of Muslims are fundamentally changing the political, judicial, and social atmosphere of the West to favor Sharia law.

Despite being just under 8 percent, the United Kingdom’s Muslim minority is effectively subjugating the non-Muslim majority to its religious laws, giving the world a prediction of just how things will become once their populace doubles, triples, and inevitably becomes the majority.
Thanks to the left’s perpetual capitulating to this special interest group, non-Muslim Britons are now being imprisoned for insulting Islam and the Muslim community, in accordance with Sharia blasphemy laws, while Muslim rapists are given a slap on the wrist or freed in the same courtrooms.

On March 7, international headlines exploded at the news that Britain First deputy Jayda Fransen was sentenced to a staggering 36 weeks, or 9 months, in prison for shouting “pedophile” and “foreigner” at Muslim migrants convicted of grooming and raping white British children in an Islamic sex ring.
On Wednesday, Judge Justin Barron condemned Fransen’s behavior, ruling that she had committed hate crimes when she “demonstrated hostility” towards Muslims and their faith, according to The Guardian.


Yes, it’s happening here in the U.S. as well. Incidences such as THIS on the rise world-wide. Now that most Islamic nations can’t even feed their own in-bred populations, they’re being moved into western countries to pollute and weaken advanced civilizations turning them into the same 3rd world sh#t holes they came from.

Along with the near un-restricted importation of Muslim refugees who cannot and will not assimilate in western culture we’re flooded with the usual invaders from the south … though I’m sure they are the ‘best and brightest’ Mexico has to offer.

Like this story indicates …

Ms-13 ‘is taking over the school,’ one teen warned before she was killed

BRENTWOOD, N.Y. — The old minivan appeared near the school on a Tuesday morning, its Illinois plates the only thing out of place in the blue-collar suburbs of central Long Island. But as backpack-toting teenagers passed by on their way to Brentwood High, the van’s doors suddenly swung open. Out sprang members of the violent street gang MS-13, armed with baseball bats. They attacked three 16-year-old students they suspected of being rivals before driving off. When police spotted the van in the same neighborhood the following afternoon and surrounded it at gunpoint, the MS-13 members were in the midst of trying to abduct a fourth. “We were going to take him somewhere private and beat him to death,” …


But hey, what’s a few American deaths by the hands of Mexican gang-bangers and illegal ‘immigrants’ when you’re trying to change the electorate in the U.S? Just ask Kate Steinle. Heck, better yet, ask the Mayor of Oakland why she protects those folks.

Isn’t it a bit odd that these same left wing perverts bitch and moan, march and blow snot when a gunman kills a bunch of kids, and it’s precisely the policies they heap upon us that leads to every single mass shooting. Hello ‘gun-free’ zones. Yep, raising that minimum age to 21 to buy a gun really hits the mass shooting problem out of the park.



God is good if Oprah says so

March 1, 2018

Ah yes, conservatives are just so hypocritical! They cling to guns and Bibles and embrace those dastardly so-called “rights” mentioned off-hand and antiquated now in the Constitution. Now liberals, that’s a whole different kind of hypocrisy. This will be brief as most of us already know the intolerance of Democrats / liberals … progressives, socialists, Marxists, “ists” of every make and model. Here’s a good one. Just a few weeks ago Vice President Pence was mocked and scorned because he’s a man committed to Christian values and believes in God and tries to live his life accordingly. He won’t place himself in any compromising situation, and won’t even give the appearance of doing something unsavory … such as having dinner with a woman without his wife present (he got mercilessly bashed over that one). Side note here, perhaps we could ask a whole bunch of men how something like that worked out for them, LO freaking L!  The women who sit around cackling on The View suggested the Vice President has a “mental issue” because of his religious convictions. Hmmmmm … Oprah, a while back gave some kind of rousing speech at the Golden Globe Awards ceremony (you know, where loony actors and celebrities give themselves awards for … well … being phony people). Suddenly she’s “presidential” and the leading candidate for the Democrat Party, the one who can easily defeat the despicable Donald Trump. She’s rich, a female, witty, popular and above all … black! And now we find out that if God tells her, she will run for President. HUH? Enough about that, liberals will find a way to say, “Oprah talks to God = good. Mike Pence talks to God = bad and mentally unstable.” Even the HuffPost couldn’t bring themselves to portray Oprah negatively regarding her, “if God tells me to” statement. After all, such criticism is reserved only for President Trump and conservatives. Now, conservatives and liberals both in many ways rely on a recognized “higher power” for guidance, support, safety and encouragement. Conservatives rely heavily on God, Jesus Christ … his power, authority, mercy and goodness. Liberals rely heavily on government … their higher power.


Okay, briefly since we’ve suffered another mass murder at another gun-free school zone (thank you Joe Biden), liberals, activists, the media, Democrats are hot and heavy on the President (Donald Trump … who they can’t accept as their president) to “do something!” Now that’s cool. I mean there were a bunch of mass murders during the eight years that ol’ Barack and Michelle were squatting in the White House. Barack shed tears, gave speeches, blubbered and driveled … and didn’t actually do anything. President Trump immediately makes some suggestions and starts having meetings with both Democrats and Republicans to legislatively get the ball rolling and sure enough … he’s a bad guy. Arming some teachers as part of a overall strategy, is instantly mocked and a “bad” idea. The only option Democrats and liberals can come up with is to ban certain weapons. As I look closer at the criteria in the banning, included in the language is “rapid-fire” ie. semi-automatic firearms. This is the perfect example of what they are after. From the ban of automatic weapons (machine guns) to “rapid-fire” guns. Nothing else will do for the left. Even though if that is actually implemented it will do absolutely nothing to prevent another mass shooting. Hardening the access to school grounds is the hands-down best solution to protecting kids in the classroom.

After you get through with my humble take on the stuff above, the following is a reminder of just how evil and disgustingly corrupt Barack Obama and his fraud of an administration really was. Obama was/is the hands down most corrupt, power-hungry, deceitful person on the planet or at least he’s equal to Hillary Clinton. Those two are the quintessential of everything corrupt.


Anyway, gotta go and do some work around here.




Two United States … A very good idea

February 27, 2018

I was thinking this morning that maybe it would be a good thing, seeing the nation is so divided and “polarized” that the U.S. just physically and governmentally divide the country. I’m not talking (writing in this case) about a civil war. I’m talking about a peaceful dividing of the nation into two individual, sovereign countries. One country will be home to Democrats, RINOs and the left. They can have all the liberal, left-wing folks. They can take in all the illegal aliens they want. They can marry or not marry anyone they choose. The same-sex folks can adopt any children they choose. They can ban any and all guns from private ownership. They can do away with every Christian church and liberal bakers can bake cakes honoring gay marriage all day long. They can abort unborn children freely right up until the time the “fetus” is coming down the birth canal. Heck, they can ‘abort’ children up until the age of two years old if they so choose. They can tax the people at whatever rate they want, especially the rich at 100% if they so choose. Black communities will be free to prosper uninterrupted by conservatives. Laws and punishment will be meted out according to the liberal judicial system. They will be free to practice any and all liberal ideals and create the utopia they dream of.

The other sovereign country will be that of the conservative persuasion. We’ll cling to our Bibles and guns. We’ll allow our citizens to keep and bear the same small arms as the military, of course with restrictions. Liberals do not get a say or vote in our governing body. We’ll ban abortions completely. There will be no same-sex marriage. Homosexuals can live and practice their life-style freely as consenting adults … but no marriage except as defined by the Bible and constitution … one man to one woman. Black and minority communities are free to prosper under the umbrella of conservatism. Anyone who can’t accept the conservative ‘agenda’ is free to live in the liberal nation. Laws and punishment will be meted out according to the conservative judicial system.

Of course this only touches a couple of the issues we are so divided over … but the partitioning of the country will be all inclusive ideally, governmentally, fundamentally, religiously, economically, militarily and morally. Both countries will have their own constitutions. The conservative nation will continue with our existing one. The left can write their own … along with a new Bill of Rights, etc.

Logistically it would be difficult … but doable. I think it’s a great idea. Then time will tell which country prospers and which winds up in abject poverty and turns into a 3rd world sh#t-hole … it won’t take long folks, and guess which goes first

The Left Perverts Everything

February 26, 2018

I’ve been thinking a lot about the direction of the country. We had a minor reprieve with the election of Donald Trump as President, but rest assured the Democrats, the media and the left are prevailing over what we hoped to be a turn-around in the destruction of America. We read every day the continual onslaught of bizarre 24/7 negative attacks against the President and his administration and his family. According to the media and the loony left this guy can’t do and hasn’t done anything right his entire life. Even though he’s become a multi-billionaire and beat the most ‘qualified’ presidential candidate in modern history, he’s a complete and utter failure. He eats bad, he dresses bad, he has bad hair, he’s fat, he’s rude, arrogant, illiterate, blind, stupid, racist, can’t formulate sentences, is insensitive, hateful, a sexual predator and on and on. His wife is a gold-digging whore-slut. His kids are autistic retards and don’t care about anyone but themselves. I’m not sure if that covers all of the ‘bad’ that President Trump is, but at least I’ve got a decent start on it. I’m sure as soon as I’m done with this, there will be more about how the President is ruining Obama’s legacy and destroying the entire world.

I suppose we can start off by looking at the shooting which took place in Florida last week. We were fed a few distracting crumbs how the FBI and the local cops dropped the ball in stopping the young man from killing 17 kids. Yep, the FBI issued an apology basically saying “Sorry about that! We’ll investigate on how not to do it again.” We also find out that the Broward County Sheriff’s Dept. had not just one cop hiding with his gun drawn outside the school for almost five minutes … but four! A little research into the sheriff and his background gives us a better picture of just how and why that happened. 

Then we have this little dick-weed David Hogg pushed to the forefront by CNN (actually picking him up at his home for interviews and coaching him on his talking points), which I find a bit odd. He sure doesn’t seem to be a grieving 18 year old kid. Something is off with this guy. But personally, I don’t give a rat’s a$$ about him. Whenever there is documentation as to something contrary towards anyone, I find it circumspect to proceed with caution. Whether he’s legitimate or not … I don’t know. CNN is more than famous for staging fake news and has been caught numerous times doing so. Regardless, now the liberal, bias media is shoving gun-control and banning guns down our throats almost as fiercely as their attacks on the President. I think what’s very funny (funny as in odd, not humorous) is how the media always features Hollywood actors and comedians spewing the most ungodly opinions as if regular people actually listen to them. Come on, who gives credibility to John Oliver, Whoopi Goldberg or Tom Hanks … or the HuffPost, Think Progress, CNN, MSNBC, POLITICO, Mother Jones, Yahoo News, and the like? If you do, then bend over and kiss your a$$ good-bye because don’t have the cods or discernment to realize you’re being lied to. HERE is a little tid-bit for those who doubt me.

Yeah, these are some really grieving kids …

Next up … “In Blow To Trump, Supreme Court Won’t Hear Appeal Of DACA Ruling.” Just curious, how is this a “blow to Trump?” I think it’s more of a blow to the country. The bottom line is the country has to accept renewal applications from over 700,000 illegal aliens so they can stay in the country. Nice. I’m not sure how it’s came about that a federal court can ‘trump’ the President of the United States and his absolute authority to protect the U.S. citizens … but that folks is where we are right now. This is why President Trump is placing conservative federal court justices across the country in the vacated positions left unfilled by Barack.

Continuing on with how the left is bent on open borders and flooding America with Democrat voters, the mayor of Oakland issued a warning to the illegal aliens in the city that ICE was planning to make sweeping arrests in the city, thus giving them the chance to hide. File this act on the staggering pace of the destruction of America via importing and protecting those in the U.S. illegally. I’m not an attorney, but I don’t think what the honorable mayor of Oakland did is legal … but then again, this is indicative of how breaking the law is getting to be the norm in today’s America, at least for Democrats and the left. I’m always curious as to the motive in making such decisions when they obviously put American citizens and law enforcement in jeopardy. Like HERE, and HERE, and HERE.  If you’d like a more complete list of how not a few illegal “immigrants” are creating chaos and affecting the lives of regular folks you can click right HERE.

The typical ‘hero’ or ‘courageous’ person according to the media is anyone who is lives a perverse life-style and publically announces such, and they are given a stunning amount of press-time if they say anything negatively or disparagingly against the U.S, the President, his family, the NRA, the Constitution, God, Christians and/or white and straight people. I sit here shaking my head at just how bizarre things have gotten. HERE is more on the boy-bone smoking, poop-chute packing media hero who hates President Trump and his family. Forgive my crass take on the homo. I can’t stand the hate-filled crap spewed by those who can’t even figure out which bathroom to use.

So right now the NRA is to blame for all gun related deaths in the U.S. I haven’t figured that one out yet, but I’m sure it will come to me … say … by the year 3,000. Perhaps one of the entities which are boycotting the NRA can explain it. I see United Airlines is cutting their ties to the NRA. I don’t think they gave a reason other than caving to what is referred to as ‘on-line mob’ mentality. In this article it says that United Airlines continues to support Planned Parenthood (yeah the same PP that sell aborted baby parts for profit). Reasoning tells me that they frown on killing kids with guns, but tearing them out of a womb is cool. This post isn’t an attempt to defend anything, but to point out that decency and constitutional rights are quickly being eroded. Eroded based on fear, lies, and hysteria. Non-citizens seem to have more rights than citizens. People shouldn’t be able to defend themselves, but just need to call 911 and wait for cops like from Broward County to show up. “Say something.” “Wait.” Don’t pray.  Well, that’s cool, just wait to pray after the shooting stops because praying won’t stop bullets. Teachers, you can’t have a gun because it’s a bad idea. (Trump says he thinks it could help, so automatically the idea is bad) Plus, who can guarantee that you have the mental stability to pull the trigger if a gun-man shows up in your classroom? Plus, what happens if you get into an argument with one of the students and he takes your gun? Plus what if your gun doesn’t work in an emergency situation, or you get faulty bullets? If you have a black gun will that make you a racist? Sigh, so many problems with so few answers.







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