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American Thinker looking more like Twitter every day.

January 15, 2021

I keep hearing radio talk show hosts saying how Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, etc. are going to continue to “purge” conservatives and Trump supporters after Jan. 20. This will be to silence anyone who questions the outcome of the election. Folks, personally I believe this is much more than that. It will be used also to cover all the nefarious, insidious and treasonous actions that will be happening from the very first day of the Biden/Harris administration. They are going after guns, they will open the borders to everyone including Muslim terrorists from hostile Islamic countries. They will continue and expand all Obama’s treason making his look like child’s play. All that was supposed to happen under Hillary. But when Trump won, he threw a wrench in their action and now they aren’t playing around. The do-do is going to get very deep, very quickly. Trump is right, China owns America under Biden.

Continuing on here; American Thinker curiously shut down their comments section. Here we’re bitching and complaining about Twitter and Facebook censoring conservative voices and regardless of the explanation given, shutting down the comments section, amounts to the exact same thing. I suppose I’m questioning the real reason why? The answer is quite simple; American Thinker is afraid of being sued. The evidence? The same time they shut down the comments, AT retracted any and all articles claiming Dominion Voting Systems conspired to steal the November election from Trump. You can read the drivel RIGHT HERE. Thomas Lifson saw what happened to Parler and he doesn’t want that happening to him. In reading the lame explanation by AT as to why the comments section is shut down, it actually is very condescending and arrogant. Damn near a, “we did it and if you don’t like it, tough!” Here’s a taste of the condescension …

To have the comments abruptly turned off was the equivalent of our breaking up your party, the great party at which all the guests were interesting and delightful.  We appreciate what an unpleasant shock and disappointment that was, and we hate to be the mean parent who broke up the party, but, again, sometimes you have to do what you have to do.

Shutting off the comments from ordinary people is nothing more than censorship and I find it disgusting that American Thinker so easily turned “Twitter” and ran from controversy. Not just that dear friends, obviously the good people at American Thinker didn’t bother to read Sidney Powell’s 270 page report of irrefutable evidence of massive voter fraud, including the Dominion Voting System, foreign influence, and the Democrats.

I’m not sure where we go from here. I’m talking about the 74+ million people who voted for President Trump. I’m not sure what we’re going to do since the entire congress, the media and the judicial system sold us out. Biden (China) taking over the Executive Branch, the Senate and the House of Representatives along with the Supreme Court puts us in a very bad situation. If we’re going down, we’ll have to go down kicking and screaming and make the weasels work like hell. We’ll trust in God who is in control, and readily accept all these things are working according to His plan.

Storming of the Capitol

January 14, 2021

And then there’s this video. Again folks, when are we going to demand the truth?

Antifa Terrorist John Sulivans Phone Hacked And Video Recordings Publised! (

General Flynn explains why …

January 14, 2021

If you’re wondering why the Democrats and many Republicans are desperately trying to impeach and remove President Trump, General Flynn tells us why. I don’t know if he’s correct about Trump staying in office. Time will tell. But this short video is a must watch …

The FBI is investigating the sedition at the U.S. Capitol! Rrrrright.

January 12, 2021

Well folks, I don’t know about you but I’m thrilled beyond belief that the FBI is looking into the sedition that happened at the U.S. Capitol building on Jan. 6. I was beginning to get worried the investigation wouldn’t happen and we’d never find out the truth of the matter. After all, we’ve gotten the truth about JFK, TWA Flight 800, Pearl Harbor, 9/11, Benghazi, Fast and Furious, spying on President Trump, Anthony Weiner’s laptop, Hunter Biden’s laptop, Seth Rich’s murder, Joe Biden bribing Ukraine, Jussie Smollet’s hate crime, Bubba Wallace’s KKK noose, and the riots by BLM and Antifa (that “myth”) which left multitudes of people including law-enforcement officers dead, businesses burned down, federal buildings damaged, etc. etc. I mean the FBI has been “on it!!” But this investigation is “unprecedented” in scope and scale!! After all, they have to figure out how to identify those Antifa folks and at the same time turn them into Trump supporters, so they have their work cut out for them. I do find it just a bit curious that these guys always show up after the fact (when it has anything to do with President Trump). Well, I guess better late than never.

I also find it somewhat curious that Twitter hasn’t shut down the FBI’s Twitter account. I guess the FBI isn’t violating their “community standards.”

HERE is the story if you’re interested and really want to lift your spirits knowing the FBI is all over this callous disrespect for the “people’s house” and those illustrious members of Congress who fight for the American people every day!!

January 12, 2021 … try it.

Armed Protest? Don’t buy it!!!

January 12, 2021

I heard about ‘armed protests’ being planned by some folks. They are supposed to occur in all 50 states, armed people storming the states’ capitals. This is a very bad idea and needs to be ignored by every conservative and Trump supporter. This will only give the media and the Congress the excuse to put forth massive gun control regulations. Look what happened after the Jan. 6th break-in of the U.S. Capital Building. Trump was shut out of Twitter, etc. Parler was de-platformed severely hampering conservatives ability to communicate. Of course we know that was planned all along. This armed protest fiasco is also planned by the left and the Democrats and the media. Regardless of who will actually participate (surely the radical left will be the ones who will stage this), the result is going to be catastrophic for gun owners nation wide.

Don’t participate!! We are being set-up … again. Kiss your weapons good-bye after Biden-Harris take over Jan. 20. Don’t expect the FBI or Homeland Security to investigate and uncover the perpetrators of this protest. They’re part of the set-up.


Exposing the corruption … 2

January 9, 2021

Now that 2020 has expired and we look back on it, I believe there is a massive amount of corruption and perversion that has been exposed. President Trump has exposed the corruption in the media, the intelligence agencies, law enforcement and the judiciary, though really, that hasn’t even begun to be realized right now. Daily more comes out as there isn’t even much effort to hide it any more. The depth of perversion is also becoming known though the media as always continues to hide and cover for pedophiles, which is natural when they are partakers of the same sickness. The following is another video in which the international human trafficking and child pornography organizations are slowly being revealed. I suppose the most shocking part is knowing that the highest elected officials in our government are not just partakers, they are sponsors and facilitators of the sickest perversion on the planet.

PEDOGATE 2020 PT.3 – Symbolism & Pizzagate 2.0 (

I Still Support President Trump and I Always Will.

January 7, 2021

Before I get into what I wanted to write about I have to get some stuff off my chest. After the organized chaos (is that an oxymoron?) of yesterday, I was reading some of the stupidest comments on Facebook (minutes before deleting my account … really) and I was furious. They were comments actually coming from my freaking sister-in-law and frankly, I was disgusted. The usual self-righteous “all things should be done decently and in order” and “Trump had to pay off a porn star” and “how can anyone support a madman encouraging violence” and on and on with certified b.s. She actually voted for Trump because she’s a ‘one issue’ voter … abortion. Actually, I think she’s a two-issue voter; abortion and money, but I digress. And then there’s this other guy who I used to work with. Same kind of crap how Trump paid the porn star and was a womanizer, and is morally corrupt, etc. Folks, these two people disgust me. First, my sister-in-law seems to forget that only by the grace of God, she isn’t doing the crap she used to do and maybe should consider that, and perhaps spend a little time praying for President Trump. The other guy I’ve noticed will get on Facebook and put up these touching “I miss my dad, may he rest in peace in God’s arms” posts. His dad was a convicted sex offender convicted of sexual “misconduct” with a minor. So much for his criticism of President Trump.


Years ago I wrote in blog posts about how I felt America had ‘crossed the Rubicon’ in that there’s no stopping the corruption and eventual collapse of the nation; that is, the collapse of the free nation. I felt at that time that the corruption was too deep, too entrenched to overcome. Honestly, I had no idea just how right I was. I actually had no idea of the depth of corruption and just how far reaching it extends. We’ve watched the media, the political establishment, the judicial system, law-enforcement, intelligence agencies, and the military elite utterly destroy a good president. A president who bucked the system in actually caring about America and her citizens. They destroyed a good man who didn’t get into politics to become rich. Yeah, he got in their way and upset the money train and for that, he has to pay. He has to be made an example of, that if anyone thinks they can just step in and not go along with the established program … a program that benefits the operators, they will be dealt with accordingly.

And they are not done. Biden gets sworn in in two weeks. But that’s too long for them. Impeachment or implementing the 25th amendment to remove Trump is in order. They have to complete the destruction of Donald Trump, to send the message to anyone else; if you want into our club, you have to get in line and follow our rules.

Truthfully, I’m thankful for the four years we’ve had Donald J. Trump as President. His presidency has exposed the utter corruptness of the media, the Democrats, the courts and the loony left, not to mention the FBI, CIA, and every other “alphabet” entity in our government. We never would have found out how corrupt Obama and company was. We never would have found out about Hillary’s pay to play scheme, selling out America to the highest bidder.

It’s sad that we’ll probably never know just how perverse Hunter Biden … the entire Biden family really are. The stench of their perversion reeks of child porn, trafficking and much worse. Prayerfully, God will allow these sick bastards to fall into the pit they’ve dug and may they burn in the lowest pit of hell for eternity.

Chief Justice Blackmailed?

January 6, 2021

Don’t doubt that the corruption within our government and even our judicial system isn’t real. I’m sure there are many of us who have been wondering at the bizarre behavior of Chief Justice John Roberts for the past several years. I have, and it really hit me hard when he pulled the Obamacare scam on us. I know Attorney Lin Wood has been calling Roberts out on his little jaunt to Epstein Pedo Island, daring Roberts to sue. Well, this very short video which strongly suggests Roberts has been under blackmail for decades …

Exposing the corruption

January 6, 2021

Okay, so now that the Socialists/Marxists and anti-America freaks are basically in control of the Congress and ‘dementia’ Joe could be ‘sworn’ into the White House I suppose we can move on with exposing just how deep the insidious and satanic corruption of these sick people really go. I have to go back a bit with the following video to establish the “conspiracy theory” of Pizza-gate as most likely a fact to begin to scratch the surface of the evil in our midst. If you don’t have time to watch the video in one sitting, watch it 10-15 minutes at a time. But watch it. This is just the beginning of what will expose utter corruption going to the top … the top of people in the government, law-enforcement and judicial system world-wide. Folks, this is some sick stuff. Rest assured evil is with us …

Enter the Pizza Gate – Bold New #PEDOGATE DOCUMENTARY (

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