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September 25, 2021

September 25, 2021

I think I’ll start this off with the following picture. I’m sure most people recognize the picture is of the painting that was in the home of Jeffery Epstein. Such a perverse individual as Mr. Epstein attracted others of similar lascivious tendencies and he relished artwork that depicted powerful people who preyed on others.

Mr. Epstein seemed to also enjoy even more sinister paintings. I know, it’s difficult to think of things more sinister than abusing teen aged girls and making them available for “use” by other powerful people. Of course we’ll never know who was involved with Epstein’s crimes. I heard the F.B.I. has videos of many clients of his who partook of his action. Knowing the F.B.I. is beyond corrupt you can rest assured they probably enjoy viewing the material but will never reveal the truth to the American people. One of the more sinister paintings (IMHO) is one that a lot of people didn’t even know existed …

I’ll let you be the judge as to the meaning of the above painting. In my personal and humble opinion, G.W. Bush is probably the most evil and corrupt person on the planet. I know, I know, I’m a deceived ‘conspiracy theory’ nut that actually thinks our government lies to us and would actually sacrifice thousands of innocent Americans to bring about a “new world order” or something.


Speaking of evil … I can’t think of too much more than the abortion “industry.” I know the loons in the Democrat Party and their ilk in the media and Hollywood, not to mention blue states have thrown a fit over the Texas abortion law that prohibits abortion after six weeks of becoming pregnant. I think the law is a good 1st step in stopping the slaughter of the innocent. The church has failed miserably in this abominable practice and God will hold it into account soon enough. I can remember when the liberal argument was abortion should be allowed in the cases of rape, incest and when the life of the mother is in danger. That argument was the opening they needed. Now they don’t even try to hide what they wanted all along; abortion up to the moment of birth and even after a baby is born … if the mother suddenly decides she doesn’t want it. Anyway, killing babies in the womb is bad enough and the eternal consequences are frightening, but what the government is doing with the slaughtered little ones is beyond comprehension. HERE


Joe Biden is forcing every member of the U.S. military to be vaccinated. He’s so adamant to subject probably the most healthy group of people in America to the “jab” that he really wants to punish those who don’t get it to be dis-honorably discharged or face a court martial. Hopefully, that won’t happen but even if it doesn’t, the best any member of the armed forces can expect is to be honorably discharged. Forget the other benefits of serving the country. HERE

I’ve been putting this together for a couple of days and think I’ll just mention a couple more things and comment briefly on them.

Joy Reid, who is a stark raving racist at MSNBC got his/her panties in a wad because she didn’t like the attention Garbrielle Petito, the murdered young woman, was getting. Okay, you have to listen to Reid’s racist rant to get a grasp of what a racist 78 point IQ sounds like. Anyway, Reid claimed there isn’t enough media coverage for ‘people of color’ when one comes up missing. Folks, you just have to shake your head at some of these people. This female who has her own program at MSNBC is complaining the media doesn’t cover people of color enough when they are in the same situation as Petito. I kinda think that instead of complaining, why doesn’t she report the stuff? Maybe she would have to be at least somewhat truthful in that most black victims are victimized by people of their own race … much like white people. Black on black crime … media silent. White on white … media mostly quiet. Black on white crime … media absolutely silent. Black cop kills white person … media silent. White cop kills black person … well, we all know what happens then.


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