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Trump 2020!!

October 21, 2020

I’m sitting here watching the President’s rally in North Carolina. On the channel I’m watching there are over 135,000 other people watching. There are tens of thousands attending. The thumbs up button has 41k. The thumbs down button has 1k.

Barack Obama is also holding a campaign rally for Biden. 40k watching. The thumbs up button is at 877 (eight hundred seventy seven). The thumbs down button is at 5.6k.

President Trump is holding rallies almost every day … all over the country. He draws tens of thousands of people to them. Incredible numbers of people waiting for hours to see the President. Joe Biden can’t draw flies. It’s pathetic. Yet the major media claims Joe is ahead of Trump by double digits. Personally I think they are lying to us. Unless the Democrats, the media and loons on the left can figure out a way to cheat on a massive scale, Donald Trump will win on November 3 in a landslide.

TRUMP 2020!!

So, you cast your vote for Joe Biden already? Little wonder the Democrats were all in for early voting. You just voted for probably the most corrupt politician in America.

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  1. October 22, 2020 7:04 am

    Yes, he is attracting tens of thousands of ready-made covid 19 victims ….and once he is elected, he will try to get rid of the rest of us as well. (No more government focus on the virus and no more government funds to try to control it.). And the caseloads are sky rocketing all over the country every day that passes. Oh well, we all gotta go sometime!


    • October 22, 2020 10:52 am

      Holy moly. “Ready-made COVID 19 victims.” Now that’s an angle I didn’t think of. I guess I’ll just have to change my vote to Biden so he and his family can continue to sell out the U.S. to China, Russia, etc. And Biden can make room in his administration for all the former Obama folks and AOC and implement the Bernie policies. But, COVID … LOL!! Geez, the left never ceases to amaze me. 8 million infected out of 320 million. Oh, I forgot … it’s “Trump’s virus.” The only thing valid with the above comment is the “we all gotta go sometime” part.

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    • October 28, 2020 11:27 pm

      Time for you and your friends to hold a “Trash The Mask” party and assert your American Freedoms from the coronavirus that the president has eliminated. I will even chip in on the refreshments. Just get a big group of maskless people together and hug and embrace and shake hands and breathe on each other …nothing to fear, right? Trump has it all under control, right? Amen brother!


  2. October 22, 2020 10:12 am

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  3. October 22, 2020 1:31 pm

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  4. October 23, 2020 5:49 am

    With the Trump in power, you will see that “Paltry” 8-million covid victims (Out of 320 million) rise exponentially as His Orangeness embraces the scientifically invalid “Herd Immunity” theory and downplays the danger of the virus hoping that America will forget about it because it is going to magically disappear some sweet day. By the way, there is one factor that might yet save America if nothing else does … with all his “Thousands of People” that Trump draws to his super spreader rallies, it is a fact that his entire base of support does not exceed a mere 30-percent of the entire American population. If every registered voter would get out and vote (and if they are, indeed allowed to get out an vote) his mirage of baloons would all pop and the remnants would fly away with the wind.

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    • October 23, 2020 5:56 am

      I still remember the days when the American Conservatives went insane when Obama swept the elections .. twice, if I recall .. and before that happened, every Conservative commentator and talking head that I could find on the air or in print were absolutely convinced that he would never win and you simply could not tell them a thing because they are wired in such a fashion that they already know it all and nobody is going to tell them anything. But take comfort in the fact that, sometime in the future, there will be a permanent Conservative party in control in Washington and they will make sure to fix it so that they will win every election from that time forward forever …and everyone can live happily in their elitist fascist little paradise until such time as their dear leader decides they are no longer politically correct or productive to society in general. And they will do it all in the name of “For the sake of the children” or in the Name of Christianity.


  5. November 18, 2020 9:48 pm

    He did win in a landslide! Last data I saw from the confiscated server in Germany was that he had 410 electoral votes. And, libs did figure out a way to cheat on a massive scale. Now is the time to put our shoulders to the wheel like never before.

    Keeping you and your beloved in my prayers. ❤ *hugs*

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