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The media continues to cover for Joe Biden

October 13, 2020

For the past couple of months Yahoo News hasn’t allowed comments on any articles published on the home page. At the bottom of every article is this, “Our goal is to create a safe and engaging place for users to connect over interests and passions. In order to improve our community experience, we are temporarily suspending article commenting.” All this is nothing but censorship of differing opinions. Also, I’ve noticed there are practically no articles about Joe Biden. He holds little rallies … no coverage. President Trump, on the other hand is continually covered in every negative way possible. His campaign rallies are covered via criticizing anyone who may not be wearing a mask, to disparaging the, “We love you!” chants. The major media didn’t cover a Biden rally in Arizona where not one supporter showed up. Also there was no coverage (at least by the major media) of his gaffes of not remembering Mitt Romney’s name, or saying he’s a proud Democrat running for the Senate. The guy is beyond pathetic. It’s actually sad to see. He’s obviously suffering increasing dementia. But the media continues to cover for him by not reporting anything about him. When asked if he intends to pack the court, if he thinks voters have the right to know what he thinks about it he says, “You’ll find out after the election.” Biden also says the voters don’t deserve to know whether he’ll pack the court or not. Just FYI, court-packing is: there are nine (9) Supreme Court justices. If Biden wins the Presidency and the Democrats win the Senate, they will create perhaps four (4) more Supreme Court seats and immediately fill them with radical left-wing justices so they can legislate from the bench. Then the Democrats can get all their radical agenda passed through the court rather than legislatively.

It’s also pathetic that the media continually demands that President Trump ‘disavow’ White Supremacy (even though he has multiple times) and keep hammering at him and the press secretary on that issue … but when it comes to Biden, they just move along. Trump could never get away with even a fraction of the crap that Biden is allowed to get away with. Anyway it’s all par for the course. Trump 2020!

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