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Biden will lose the election.

August 27, 2020

I’m watching the Republican National Convention and can’t help but see the stark difference between the two political conventions and those speakers. The DNC featured Barack and Michelle Obama reminding all of us just how utterly classless they are and really have always been. Typically bashing President Trump with utter nonsense and reminding us just how racist America is … even after giving them eight long agonizing years in the White House.

One thing is certain, the Democrats are staying up late and working overtime to devise a way to defeat President Trump. They are setting themselves up to not accept the results when Biden loses while at the same time pushing the universal mail-in ballots in the hopes of ballot harvesting enough votes for a win. Hillary has already laid out a strategy in which Biden should not concede the election under ‘any circumstances.’ Increasingly the Democrats are making every excuse to skip any debate between Trump and Biden. I’m not sure if they’ll pull it off but we’ll see.

Cutting through all the crap, I just can’t see Biden/Harris winning the election without massive voter fraud.

What kind of winning ‘ticket’ runs on abortion on demand, defunding and dismantling the police, ICE and Homeland Security? Can they win running on making the 2nd Amendment null and void? How about eliminating fossil fuels? How about eliminating Trump’s tax-cuts and raising taxes and nearly every American? Can they expect to win on the Medicare for all platform? Do they really think that the majority of Americans want open borders (especially with COVID 19) allowing anyone and everyone free access to the United States? I believe Trump is right when he says China and Iran will own the United States if Biden wins. China had already, thanks to team Obama, team Bush and team Clinton acquired significate ownership in many aspects. They ripped off (more like were sold) America’s most advanced military secrets with the blessing of the Clintons.

No, I can’t see a Biden victory here despite the best efforts of the media, Democrats, Hollywood, Never Trumpers and sports figures. However we can’t expect them to just hand four more years to Trump. They aren’t going to let go for a second. You can smell the desperation in the Democrats.

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  1. Chiedu permalink
    August 27, 2020 6:27 pm

    I am an African,black African

    And can say that Biden is going nowhere.

    God wants Trump for now

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  2. August 28, 2020 3:35 am

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  3. August 29, 2020 4:36 am

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  4. the unit permalink
    August 29, 2020 12:11 pm

    Oh hi, still checking in here from time to time. Loved your take through the years, so still do. Know is gets scatchy on what we can do after 70. Me you know @ 78, will just Katy bar the door….double trouble if enter uninvited…buck modified first trigger…buck full choke second trigger. And more if needed. šŸ™‚
    Of course this demographic is in LA (lower Alabama…Milton/Pensacola,FL) so no extremes for action necessary now.

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    • August 30, 2020 2:53 pm

      Yes sir Tom! Myself and the woman are doing okay as far as personal protection is concerned. It definitely be best for anyone involved to just walk away from my neighborhood. Most Texans don’t abide mischief around the homes.

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  5. September 2, 2020 12:58 pm

    You are correct when you say that Biden will not win the election. Trump will declare premature victory on election day and he will be backed up by his collection of loyal states and we will have a phenomenon known as a Red Mirage whereby the election will be certified for Trump before millions of mail-in ballots are counted …and we will have the first real coup in American History. So you can quit worrying about Biden. Biden will most definitely not win the election. God definitely wants Trump at this time in our history because America has abandoned God and become desolate with sin and degradation and must learn the lessons of obedience all over again. Because of America’s Godless and corrupt nature, we must now enter a period similar to the periods suffered by the disobedient Israelites back in the day — we must come to the point of sack cloth and ashes and repentence …Trump is God’s man for the hour to bring all this about. So where eternal life is concerned, Trump’s presidency is a good thing because it works to bring about the obedience needed to the Will of God by an errant people … The American People.

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    • September 3, 2020 12:27 am

      Hello John. I pray daily for God to protect and bless President Trump and his family. I also pray that President Trump wins re-election. Does God care about politics? I trow not. But He does care about the innocent and rampant perversion sweeping the United States. Trump isn’t any saint … I pray for his re-election for God’s mercies sake. For the sake of the un-born, for the sake of souls. President Trump is a crass man but he also has turned out to be the most conservative, pro-life, pro-Israel, pro-Christian president of our life time. When he’s out of office and the left takes over, it’s a wrap and the utter lawless and anti-God, anti-life, anti-Christian people will rapidly bring in the Mark of the Beast, etc. Dark times, but I believe Trump is president for the simple reason of God extending His hand of mercy towards mankind… for now. Hoping and praying for you daily brother.

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    • September 3, 2020 6:12 am

      Because I love you in the Name of Jesus, I pray that you are correct —I hear you when you say that he is “Pro-Christian” and he claims to be a Presbyterian … but has anyone ever seen him going to a church — or leading anyone in prayer — or speaking more about God than himself? — I pray that you are correct about him because I want you to have the desires of your heart — by the same token, I also hope that you can continue to love me in the Lord like always even as I preach against another term for him … I don’t like Biden either … I don’t like politics at all …I just feel the need to warn people about the politics of these end times … earthly politics in these end times are deceptive so that even the elect are deceived if possible … they are all angels of light regardless of who they are — and the abortionists already have an appointment in hell …so that is covered ……I wish he would give more attention to doing something more to save lives being taken by the coronavirus … but it looks to me like he is dismissing it … I heard him tell someone on television yesterday that football players are strong young men and that the virus will never harm them … I think he is reckless … but I do pray for him too because the Bible tells us to pray for our leaders … I pray that both Trump and Biden find Jesus and get saved –I don’t know that they are not already saved, but that is what I am praying. In the meantime I am putting all my trust in God to make things right …render unto Caesar … God bless you Steve .. always.


  6. September 24, 2020 11:02 pm

    What I can’t figure out is how there can be any person so insane as to desire the things for America (or anywhere) that Biden and the Dems stand for. The fact that people seem to actually want that, is crazy to me.

    And then I realize I’m glad I don’t understand, because then it would mean I was like them, and so help me God, I do not want to be anything remotely like them.

    Love you, my brother! Hugs to you and your beloved! I pray for you daily. xoxox ā¤

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