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Worthless media at a glance

May 25, 2020

The major media has to be the laughing-stock of the entire globe. If you ever listened watched or listened to one of the many daily COVID Task-Force press briefings the President and company held you know what I’m talking (writing in this case) about. I don’t think I missed one of them. Every day the same asinine ‘gotch’ questions. “Sir, don’t you think it’s racist to call it the Chinese Virus?” “Sir, can you assure the American people that everyone who needs a ventilator will get one?” “Sir, why is South Korea conducting more tests per capita than the U.S?” There was absolutely nothing the President did that was fast enough, slow enough, big enough, small enough, too much, too little, and on and on and on. Instead of asking questions to help inform the people, it was a circus (take a couple of minutes and watch this exchange). In the same press briefing though ( Skip to 5:50 and savor this) Kayleigh McEnany spanked the entire group. Well, the sanctimonious Chris Wallace was having none of that from the new Press Secretary! He was disgusted in the way Ms. McEnany ‘berated’ the press corps and actually had the audacity to ask them some questions! The arrogance of some of these “journalists” is stunning … and disgusting! The President doesn’t know just how right he is when he refers to the media as the enemy of the people.

Today I noticed CNN published a borderline Pulitzer Prize winning article about President Trump playing golf … without a mask!!! They don’t mention that the President hasn’t played any golf for almost three months. Such hard-hitting journalism is difficult to relate to.

Here’s an interview Sharyl Atkinsson had with the President the other day. I think it was great. Ms. Atkinsson is one of the few real journalists who isn’t afraid to speak the truth and isn’t on the payroll of the Democrats.

Well, I’ve been piecing this together for several days now so I think I’ll wrap this one up. I’ve got other stuff to write about and will get after it soon.


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  1. the unit permalink
    May 26, 2020 7:50 pm

    Worthless scum…noun:
    a layer of dirt or froth on the surface of a liquid. (as in Swamp, i.e.cesspool like). 🙂


  2. June 1, 2020 7:44 am

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