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“I will never take the COVID 19 vaccine!” Not so fast says the government.

May 16, 2020

It’s been quite a while since I posted anything here. I simply haven’t had the burden or ‘drive’ to do so. It’s difficult to keep up with the news, fake or otherwise and write about it … at least for me.

I’ve seen a lot of folks over at Twitter who exclaim, “I’ll never let them vaccinate me or my kids with the COVID 19 vaccine when it comes out!” I’m of the same mind-set. I’ve never had a flu shot and as long as the choice is mine, I never will. There are some troubling developments though with this current ‘pandemic’ and the not so subtle compliance methods being forced on people and businesses. In Michigan a 77 year old barber is being forced out of business because he opened up his shop a bit early as he was going broke. Since the time of the link I provided, the guy initially won his case, but right now the state is threatening to take his license if he doesn’t comply. I’m sure many folks know of the woman here in Texas who opened her hair salon in defiance of a judge’s order and was tossed in jail and fined something like $7,000. She eventually won her case, but not before Gov. Abbott and the state’s Attorney General along with the Texas Supreme Court stepped and ordered the judge to let her go. I heard on some talk show the other day that in southern Ca. they (local governments) were shutting off the water to businesses that weren’t complying with the shut-down orders. There are countless incidences happening all across the country which are blatant government over-reach and constitutional abuses. Personal liberties and Bill of Right violations are rampant with no end in sight. States run by Democrat governors and mayors are the most egregious. Folks, this is just the beginning. It’s almost as if this phony crisis (Please don’t misunderstand me. I know COVID 19 is serious. But when the fatality rate is around 1% …) has been a test run to see just how easy the people would fall in line if fed enough scare tactics via a willing media.

Okay, getting to the heart of the matter. Like I said, I’m of the mind-set that I absolutely won’t take the COVID 19 vaccine when it comes out. I see many people stating the same. However, if it is mandated or made mandatory, what’s next? Are we to think for a second the government can’t think of ways to force us into taking it? Let’s start off simple here. Say, we can’t renew our driver’s licenses unless we can produce proof we took the vaccine. Say, we can’t enroll our children in school unless we have them vaccinated. Say, we’re not allowed into the grocery store without showing proof of it. How about we can’t get health insurance coverage or any medical treatments unless …

I kinda think there are ways of forcing us to comply. We can think all day long, “The government can’t do that stuff!” Think: Obamacare. Think: the aforementioned stuff to get businesses to comply with going bankrupt! There’s no going back to the Constitution folks. That’s long gone as much as we’d love to believe in it. Donald Trump or no Donald Trump we’ve allowed the rot of corruption to fester in the Congress, the courts, the law-enforcement agencies, Hollywood and the education system. It’s the saddest thing imaginable to see this once magnificent nation turned into a cheap, God-less society no different than any other piss-ant European country.

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  1. May 17, 2020 6:52 am

    Glad you’re ok; Below is not the first posting I made on the virus. Psyops, fear mongering to control the population indeed.

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  2. the unit permalink
    May 17, 2020 1:35 pm

    Figured you’d post again. So looked forward to it. You be a unit now (70and +) 🙂

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    • May 17, 2020 4:21 pm

      Yeah … 70 1/2 🙂
      I hope you’re doing good brother!

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    • the unit permalink
      May 17, 2020 9:45 pm

      I remember when you announced your arrival to that landmark. 🙂
      Welcome to new episode of “Death Panel Valley Days.” 🙂
      Oh. doing well@78. Feels good to know wife’s scheduled March 20 ,knee replacement surgery and second eye cataract surgery and my colonoscopy were non-essential. We be gramps and granmas now, so can just take a pill, if gov will give us one.
      Kidding…be more like N. Koreans and eat bark off the trees. Where aspirin comes from after all. 🙂

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    • May 26, 2020 6:59 pm

      Yeah, that non-essential stuff is … well, non-essential to those who can tell us that.

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  3. May 18, 2020 1:38 pm

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  4. JCscuba permalink
    May 18, 2020 3:05 pm

    I’m with you all the way. It’s so difficult being someone who enjoys writing to sort through the B.S. I’m grabbing this story and will like back to your site. Thanks, I’m J.C.

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    • May 18, 2020 7:40 pm

      Thank you J.C. You’re welcome anytime. I’m hoping to do a bit more blogging … we’ll see.


  5. Old Guy permalink
    May 20, 2020 10:10 am

    In NJ and other states your kids have to have certain vaccines or the will not be allowed to register for school. And this goes back decades

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    • the unit permalink
      May 23, 2020 6:02 pm

      I love the hypo picture. I had to get the shot when starting school in ’48, Typhoid one. Nurse asked if I wanted to be first as the needle would be sharpest. 🙂

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    • May 26, 2020 7:04 pm

      It’s true we were vaccinated for all kinds of things. I forget all the stuff actually. Personally, I’m having difficulty grasping a forced vaccine for something that has something like a 0.3% fatality rate. Doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.


  6. May 25, 2020 12:21 pm

    Well, I am a wimp and I will admit it. I have always taken all my vaccinations. It all started in the Military. I guess I am hooked. I have to agree with you that corruption has completely eroded what we once thought of as our country. I don’t expect it to get any better either. It is good to see you back on and blogging again.

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    • the unit permalink
      May 25, 2020 1:16 pm

      Good to see you again John. Trying to remember what I’ve read over the years. You’re a CPA in California, maybe not still practicing the profession. Just a retire ole fellow trying to keep out of sight these days. 🙂

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    • May 25, 2020 7:00 pm

      Retired multi-billionaire (Of sorts.)

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    • May 25, 2020 4:19 pm

      I wouldn’t have a problem with taking a vaccine I suppose. I’ve never had a flu shot though. Of course I’m sure I got all the required vaccinations as a child. One thing that’s troubling though and I suppose we don’t think much about it is, I believe most of us agree that corruption has overwhelmed the government, the courts, the education system, even law-enforcement agencies and now that we’ve learned about the nefarious actions by team Obama, corruption goes all the way to the top of elected officials. With that being said, what would lead us to believe for a second that corruption hasn’t infiltrated the scientific and the medical communities as well? Let us keep in mind that people who fund massive vaccine programs such as the Gates Foundation (think Africa) are staunch population control freaks.

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    • May 25, 2020 7:00 pm

      So I ask, “What are we gonna do when they come for us?”

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    • the unit permalink
      May 25, 2020 7:48 pm

      I’ll be like that black woman responding to Biden and voting choice between him and Trump, the “you ain’t black” thing. She said “you just turned me into a white woman.” 🙂

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  7. the unit permalink
    May 27, 2020 10:58 am

    Interesting video about how it gets done.


  8. June 1, 2020 7:43 am

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  9. June 15, 2020 9:21 pm

    Yes, eventually they will try to force us to comply with lots of things. Hopefully, the Rapture will have happened before that and we can skip all the crap to come.

    Love you! xoxox

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    • June 16, 2020 7:43 am

      Good morning Vanessa. Praying you are doing okay. I think of you often and pray for you daily.



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