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Fake News: The enemy of the people. Updated

October 14, 2019

Here’s the kind of stuff that we (conservatives) have had enough of. Then there are those on the left who call us ‘conspiracy theorists’ and “Fox News” freaks. At the same time the left get all their news from the likes of ABC and CNN. Genuinely pathetic.

ABC News Airs U.S. Gun Range Video, Calling It a Syrian War Zone — Twice

ABC News on Monday removed a video which the network presented as Turkish military forces attacking Kurdish fighters in northern Syria — amid reports that the footage may, in fact, be from a U.S. gun demonstration.
The footage, which ABC News purported was of an attack on the border town of Tal Abyad, was aired Sunday on World News Tonight and Good Morning America on Monday morning. However, a comparison by Gizmodo shows the video was captured at Knob Creek Gun Range in West Point, Kentucky back in 2017.

Hey, no problem. ABC took the video down and said, “Sorry about that!”

Via: Breitbart


And here’s the mother of all reports. Now, we’ll get the same lines of crap that the video is “heavily edited,” and other such non-sense. Anyway, CNN is in pretty deep do-do.

Project Veritas is doing what real journalists should be doing … but the “real” journalists are too busy attacking Trump.


And finally to follow up on my last post about the utter corrupt Barack Hussein Barry Obama, I’d like to provide a link for all three of my readers. As demonstrated in the comments section, Orange-Man Trump “bad” … a liar … an embarrassment … corrupt … ‘pay-for play’ … mired in scandals. And if you believe what the major media says, as also demonstrated in the comments section, Obama and Hillary did no wrong … “no evidence” to prove otherwise. And why ‘no evidence?’ The same media covered their asses, and still do to this day. I’m always getting, “Why do you always bring up Hillary and Obama? They aren’t in the picture any more!”

Uh, yes they are. Nearly every day over at Yahoo News there’s a poll or survey wanting to know how great Obama was. There are constant articles about him traveling abroad to give some kind of sage advice to some saps who miss him so much. And why do these America hating people love Obama so much? Because he hates America just as much, and used his eight long, agonizing years to sell the country out. Anyway, this is at the American Thinker. (gasp! you mean not Fox News Steve????)

The media, diplomats, leakers, whistleblowers, and other Democrats had no concern on foreign policy when:
Obama reneged on commitment to put up missile shields in the Czech Republic and Poland. Where was the concern that allies wouldn’t trust us anymore?
Obama said he would be flexible with Russia if re-elected.
Obama laughed when Romney said Russia was dangerous.
Obama and his administration allowed Russia to get its hands on U.S. uranium after tens of millions of dollars of “donations” went to the Clinton Foundation.
Obama refused to give Ukraine defensive weapons to appease Russia. Where was the concern that allies wouldn’t trust us?
Obama and Biden threatened to cut off over $1 billion if they didn’t fire a prosecutor. Where was the concern about the clear quid pro quo?
The Obama administration had a gun-running operation into Mexico and illegally withheld documents from Congress for years.
Obama called ISIS the J.V. team.
Obama pulled all troops out of Iraq. Where was the concern that allies wouldn’t trust us?
Obama left Americans and diplomats to die in Libya while concocting a lie about a video because the truth, that it was a terrorist attack prior to an election, was politically damaging. Obama’s position of power was more important than the American people under attack.
Obama didn’t enforce his red line in Syria. Where was the concern that allies wouldn’t trust us?
Obama and Kerry trusted Putin to monitor Assad’s chemical weapons.
Obama and his administration lied through the media to get approval of the Iran deal to give a big sponsor of terrorism and a country that pledges death to America a billion-dollar payout.
Obama sent $1.8 billion of taxpayer money as blackmail to the Iranian tyrants.
Obama dictatorially stopped an investigation into drug running by Hizb’allah to appease the tyrants in Iran.
Obama looked the other way as Hillary’s and Biden’s family greatly enriched their families with foreign money
Obama and his administration allowing Hillary and those surrounding her to illegally mishandle classified information.
The Obama administration, in collusion with the DNC and Hillary, using foreign sources to dig up dirt on a political opponent and spy on them.
The Obama administration illegally unmasking names of people surrounding Trump. Schiff and others are supposedly concerned about protecting the leaker but never gave a damn about any of the people the Obama administration unmasked.
Obama giving a stand down order to stop investigating Russian hacking in the summer of 2016.
The Obama administration allowing the DNC to not show them the physical evidence on Russian hacking.

HERE is the whole article

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  1. October 14, 2019 5:17 pm

    Actually.. a fair presentation, Steve.. but again.. there are some points to be made to keep in context.
    A part of me kinda thinks in the back of my mind.. “Ok.. but so what?”. That’s brought about more by my normal instinct that this “stuff” happens and I generally take things like this into consideration. In fact.. I just did a post on something similar to this a couple days ago.

    Ok.. we do know that Trump especially, then his supporters, typically love to try and discredit the person who “bad-mouths” Trump rather than make any attempt to defend the accusations. This is the reason Trump has tried to find the identity of the whistleblower… to discredit the messenger rather than disprove any allegations. Because to disprove anything he might have to reveal stuff he does not want revealed. Typical Trump.
    This is the direction of Project Veritas.. a known Right-Wing organization. CNN claims they are objective news reporting and FOX is not.. so find a disgruntled employee(s) at CNN to spill the beans on how “not objective” CNN really is and expose that to the world. Now it’s on CNN to bother to respond to that allegation.. or not.

    (If I were CNN management and saw that reporting where it appears the video interview was done at a real CNN facility.. as the background suggests… I would immediately fire anyone responsible for letting another media to report from inside. That’s common management sense. On the other hand.. if it’s all a contrived background and taped at another location.. ok… no prob …unless lawyers have an issue of using the CNN logo as a backdrop. I’d not touch the whistleblower(s).. and remind all employees of bully harassment in the workplace being illegal… then simply let peer pressure make the guy want to leave. Then I might examine general employee moral to determine if any HR intervention is necessary to improve conditions. But that’s just me.)

    But here’s the crux of your post here, Steve.. you title this “fake news”. You tried to assign ABC’s bad video as an illustration but they turned around, admitted to it, and had it removed. I’m OK with mistakes happen. That’s not fake news in the broader definition of fake news being misleading ads perpetrated by Russians and other hacker sources with other agendas. Conservatives enjoy calling “fake news” anything that’s biased against Trump. But here’s the difference… biased news can in fact be true. We know Trump lies and misleads and as soon as FOX begins to report what he says as some level of fact.. they are presenting “fake” news.. BUT.. are the Fox & Friends folks journalists? Not by definition. They are opinion people. Exactly as Hannity, Tucker, et al. Now.. is Hannity and Tucker considered the same “class” as Anderson Cooper or Don Lemon? That’s up to the viewer.

    I personally didn’t need Veritas to tell me CNN has a bias. That’s a bit obvious. What concerns me more is what they report has some measure of fact I can rely on to form my own opinions. I don’t recall hearing about that in this video. Any other new whistleblower videos? I wouldn’t know.
    You see, Steve… the universal defense for everything Trump has been alleged to have done Conservatives always point to “But look at all the good he’s done for the country.” I don’t see any trade-off there at all… and that’s where we differ.


    • October 15, 2019 7:46 am

      Interesting take … “some measure of fact” is good enough for you to come to an informed conclusion? Interesting indeed. The Project Veritas video obviously is genuine, using the CNN logo in a fake setting would open them up to a devastating lawsuit. The individuals in the clip are named and don’t appear to be ‘disgruntled.’ Quite the contrary. I’m somewhat surprised that you believe it’s okay for ABC to post a fake video … take it down a couple days later, after being caught, say, ‘sorry about that’ and just go on to the next one. What’s lost on you is the fact that the damage is already done. A lot of people simply see the original and aren’t around for the “clarification.” That’s precisely the way the media outlets operate. I’m not going to defend Trump at all in this. I know what the media is doing along with the Democrats. I’m not sure what people want, Trump supporters to ‘just criticize him for something … anything!!!’ Why, so the left can use it to say, “See, Trump is losing his base!!!” I know the left. Give them anything and they want more and more and more, which has been demonstrated time and again for decades.
      The bottom line is the left (all of it … media, democrats, “deep state” liberals) want to destroy Trump and his ‘deplorable’ followers. They want to transform America into an Obama country … similar to the European countries. Open borders, ruled by elite, everyone the same, community transportation, no guns, no excellence, no ambition, no hope of anything better, no need to excel, government provides everything … thus government can take everything as well. I don’t want that.


    • October 15, 2019 9:55 am

      Well, I certainly don’t want any of that either, Steve, and I personally don’t know any Liberals who strive to those ends. Don’t let that Dem bunch running for office scare you. This is election time and they are just yakking away to win votes. There’s no question in my mind that if Trump makes it to the election and he loses it will be because of what he has done and not because “they” wanna replace him with some Liberal-Deep State utopia. Seems to me if there were some grand take-over conspiracy “they” would have done it under an easier administration and not this one. Besides… Trump is in deep do-do right now.. and all this is his own making. The man is self-destructive at our expense.


  2. October 14, 2019 6:12 pm

    Reblogged this on The way I see things ….


  3. JCscuba permalink
    October 14, 2019 8:00 pm

    Fake news is indeed the enemy of the people, with luck Trump will tie Zucker up in a law suit.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. October 14, 2019 11:56 pm

    Yep, we’re so tired of the double standard and being treated like idiots. They don’t seem to mind our conservative dollars though, do they? They should have learned not to bite the hands that feed them.

    xoxox ❤

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  5. the unit permalink
    October 15, 2019 1:58 pm

    A fellow said…” Who am I? Why am I here?”
    Yeah, it’s to vote again in 2020. 🙂

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  6. October 19, 2019 6:16 am

    Reblogged this on Boudica2015.


    • October 20, 2019 8:01 am

      Hey Bob A!! Long time no see! I hope you’re doing okay. I’ll stop by this afternoon.


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