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The Bush Administration and 9/11/2001

March 21, 2018

Moving forward on what I wrote the other day, I’m going to spend a little time highlighting items from David Ray Griffin’s book, The New Pearl Harbor. The book is available on pdf. I’m currently reading his follow-up or revised book, The New Pearl Harbor Revisited, which corrects some time-lines and refines some details he got wrong in his first book, none of which indicates he is wrong in suggesting the Bush Administration orchestrated or at the very least was complicit in the events of 9/11/2001. He happens to be right on the mark. The Bush Administration undoubtedly coordinated, and with the help of the media, lied and covered us the most treasonous and traitorous crime in U.S. history.

I’ll provide a short list of topics found in Chapter nine of The New Pearl Harbor. You can click of the pdf link above and use that to read up on how Mr. Griffin arrived at his conclusions.

Here are the first twelve in the list:

1. Several FAA flight controllers exhibited extreme incompetence on 9/11, and evidently on that day only.

2. The officials in charge at both NMCC and NORAD also acted incompetently on 9/11, and evidently on that day only.

3. In particular, when NMCC-NORAD officials did finally order jet fighters to be scrambled to protect New York and Washington, they ordered them in each case from more distant bases, rather than from McGuire and Andrews, respectively.

4. After public statements saying that Andrews Air Force Base had no jet fighters on alert to protect Washington, its website, which had previously said that many jets were always on alert, was altered.

5. Several pilots who normally are airborne and going full speed in under three minutes all took much longer to get up on 9/11.

6. These same pilots, flying planes capable of going 1,500 to 1,850 miles per hour, on that day were all evidently able to get their planes to fly only 300 to 700 miles per hour.

7. The collapse of the buildings of the World Trade Center, besides occurring at almost free-fall speed, exhibited other signs of being controlled demolitions: molten steel, seismic shocks, and fine dust were all produced.

8. The video and physical evidence suggesting that controlled demolition was the cause of the collapse of the Twin Towers co-exists with testimony from people in these buildings that they heard, felt, and saw the effects of explosions.

9. The collapse of WTC-1 and WTC-2 had some of the same features as the collapse of WTC-7, even though the latter collapse could not be attributed to the impact and jet fuel of an airplane.

10. Both the North Tower and the South Tower collapsed just as their respective fires were dying down, even though this meant that the South Tower, which had been hit second, collapsed first.

11. Governmental agencies had the debris, including the steel, from the collapsed WTC buildings removed without investigation, which is what would be expected if the government wanted to prevent evidence of explosives from being discovered.

12. Physical evidence suggesting that what hit the Pentagon could not have been a Boeing 757 co-exists with testimony of several witnesses that the aircraft that did hit the Pentagon was far smaller than a 757.

Of course many of us remember that day and probably exactly where we were and what we were doing. I was at work and my wife (at the time) called me and said, “A commuter plane just crashed into one of the buildings of the World Trade Center in NYC!” A little while later she called me and said, “Another plane just crashed into the other World Trade Center building and they aren’t commuter planes, they’re jumbo jets!” At the first call, I was thinking, “Man, how could a pilot make that kind of error?” among other thoughts. On the next call naturally I knew something very bad was happening … A little while later she called me and said one of the buildings fell down, just collapsed. I said, “There is no way the building just collapsed! Do you know how big those buildings are???” (she had never been to New York) She goes, “It’s on the news and I’m watching it!” I finally grabbed a television from the driver’s room and took it into my office and fired it up. I’ll never forget watching the buildings fall. My absolute first thoughts as I watched the buildings come down was … “Somebody is setting off explosives in the buildings!!!” You can’t help but not see the explosions emitting from the sides of the buildings ahead of the collapsing floors above. Anyway, from that point on I knew the cover up was coming and it started immediately.

Come on folks. You’ll never convince me for one second these people aren’t lying …


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