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Trump, Muslims and Mexicans

March 10, 2018

Here we go with just a bit more of the same. It can’t be too bad seeing as the major media hasn’t let up on all the usual. 313,000 new jobs were added last month holding unemployment at 4.1%. The President will meet with the North Korean leader in hopes of solving the aggressive problem with the lunatic and could possibly get it under control. There is a 25% tariff (tax) on U.S. cars sold in China … 2% on Chinese cars sold in the U.S. Trump is looking to make that somewhat more even. We get a massacre at a school in Florida and everyone says, “Do something!” He makes a suggestion in developing a plan to make it harder for a gunman to enter a school … “Hell no! That’s a bad idea!” The only thing that might work is to raise the age to buy a gun to 21 yrs. and ban scary looking semi-automatic rifles, according to liberals and the media. The President along with the Republican controlled congress put forward a new tax plan which gives 90% of American taxpayers a break … not one Democrat voting for it.

With all the President is dealing with and actually making huge strides in restoring the economy and creating jobs, dealing with lunatic dictators, lunatic school shooters, etc, all we’re getting from the media is reports about some porn star who says she had an affair with Trump 12 or 13 years ago … the Russians gave the election to Trump which he really didn’t want to win … any gaff he might make is a headline … his limo drove through a yellow light … he’s getting rich working for free as President … on and on and on.

So, enough of that crap. I had included a bunch of links to the utter nonsense of 24/7 Trump bashing but anyone with access to the internet or a television already sees it. I ran across this article which really chaps my a$$ in that we’re facing the same stuff here in the United States.

A little side note here: A veteran in California took some hostages yesterday at a veterans care facility. He killed the three women hostages and then killed himself. At first the media focused on what kind of gun the guy had and reported that information was unavailable. I see this morning that … The Napa Valley Register reported that a man wearing body armor and armed with an automatic weapon entered the home. An “automatic weapon.” I’ll just leave it at that.

White Christian Woman Gets 9 Months Prison For What She Said To Muslim Child Rapists

Thanks to Mad World News

In a flagrant case of a Western court bowing to Sharia law, a white Christian woman was sentenced to a whopping 9 months in prison merely because of what she said to convicted child gang-rapists.

Leftists often assure us that the Muslims who inflict oppression and violence are just a “tiny minority of extremists,” arguing that the majority of Muslims merely want to peace. However, as Europe is already witnessing, their “tiny minority” of Muslims are fundamentally changing the political, judicial, and social atmosphere of the West to favor Sharia law.

Despite being just under 8 percent, the United Kingdom’s Muslim minority is effectively subjugating the non-Muslim majority to its religious laws, giving the world a prediction of just how things will become once their populace doubles, triples, and inevitably becomes the majority.
Thanks to the left’s perpetual capitulating to this special interest group, non-Muslim Britons are now being imprisoned for insulting Islam and the Muslim community, in accordance with Sharia blasphemy laws, while Muslim rapists are given a slap on the wrist or freed in the same courtrooms.

On March 7, international headlines exploded at the news that Britain First deputy Jayda Fransen was sentenced to a staggering 36 weeks, or 9 months, in prison for shouting “pedophile” and “foreigner” at Muslim migrants convicted of grooming and raping white British children in an Islamic sex ring.
On Wednesday, Judge Justin Barron condemned Fransen’s behavior, ruling that she had committed hate crimes when she “demonstrated hostility” towards Muslims and their faith, according to The Guardian.


Yes, it’s happening here in the U.S. as well. Incidences such as THIS on the rise world-wide. Now that most Islamic nations can’t even feed their own in-bred populations, they’re being moved into western countries to pollute and weaken advanced civilizations turning them into the same 3rd world sh#t holes they came from.

Along with the near un-restricted importation of Muslim refugees who cannot and will not assimilate in western culture we’re flooded with the usual invaders from the south … though I’m sure they are the ‘best and brightest’ Mexico has to offer.

Like this story indicates …

Ms-13 ‘is taking over the school,’ one teen warned before she was killed

BRENTWOOD, N.Y. — The old minivan appeared near the school on a Tuesday morning, its Illinois plates the only thing out of place in the blue-collar suburbs of central Long Island. But as backpack-toting teenagers passed by on their way to Brentwood High, the van’s doors suddenly swung open. Out sprang members of the violent street gang MS-13, armed with baseball bats. They attacked three 16-year-old students they suspected of being rivals before driving off. When police spotted the van in the same neighborhood the following afternoon and surrounded it at gunpoint, the MS-13 members were in the midst of trying to abduct a fourth. “We were going to take him somewhere private and beat him to death,” …


But hey, what’s a few American deaths by the hands of Mexican gang-bangers and illegal ‘immigrants’ when you’re trying to change the electorate in the U.S? Just ask Kate Steinle. Heck, better yet, ask the Mayor of Oakland why she protects those folks.

Isn’t it a bit odd that these same left wing perverts bitch and moan, march and blow snot when a gunman kills a bunch of kids, and it’s precisely the policies they heap upon us that leads to every single mass shooting. Hello ‘gun-free’ zones. Yep, raising that minimum age to 21 to buy a gun really hits the mass shooting problem out of the park.



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  1. March 10, 2018 4:47 pm

    Why is it that Trumpsters love to believe that the end justifies the means?


    • March 10, 2018 8:39 pm

      Why is it that Trump Haters love to believe that anybody is still listening to what they have to say?

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  2. March 10, 2018 8:40 pm

    Steve — you have just reviewed everything that is crazy about the Liberals again so that we can all focus and give thanks to God that we have seen the light of reason and righteousness and left their satanic fold to embrace Conservatism.

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  3. March 12, 2018 1:32 pm

    Reblogged this on Boudica2015.

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