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The Left Perverts Everything

February 26, 2018

I’ve been thinking a lot about the direction of the country. We had a minor reprieve with the election of Donald Trump as President, but rest assured the Democrats, the media and the left are prevailing over what we hoped to be a turn-around in the destruction of America. We read every day the continual onslaught of bizarre 24/7 negative attacks against the President and his administration and his family. According to the media and the loony left this guy can’t do and hasn’t done anything right his entire life. Even though he’s become a multi-billionaire and beat the most ‘qualified’ presidential candidate in modern history, he’s a complete and utter failure. He eats bad, he dresses bad, he has bad hair, he’s fat, he’s rude, arrogant, illiterate, blind, stupid, racist, can’t formulate sentences, is insensitive, hateful, a sexual predator and on and on. His wife is a gold-digging whore-slut. His kids are autistic retards and don’t care about anyone but themselves. I’m not sure if that covers all of the ‘bad’ that President Trump is, but at least I’ve got a decent start on it. I’m sure as soon as I’m done with this, there will be more about how the President is ruining Obama’s legacy and destroying the entire world.

I suppose we can start off by looking at the shooting which took place in Florida last week. We were fed a few distracting crumbs how the FBI and the local cops dropped the ball in stopping the young man from killing 17 kids. Yep, the FBI issued an apology basically saying “Sorry about that! We’ll investigate on how not to do it again.” We also find out that the Broward County Sheriff’s Dept. had not just one cop hiding with his gun drawn outside the school for almost five minutes … but four! A little research into the sheriff and his background gives us a better picture of just how and why that happened. 

Then we have this little dick-weed David Hogg pushed to the forefront by CNN (actually picking him up at his home for interviews and coaching him on his talking points), which I find a bit odd. He sure doesn’t seem to be a grieving 18 year old kid. Something is off with this guy. But personally, I don’t give a rat’s a$$ about him. Whenever there is documentation as to something contrary towards anyone, I find it circumspect to proceed with caution. Whether he’s legitimate or not … I don’t know. CNN is more than famous for staging fake news and has been caught numerous times doing so. Regardless, now the liberal, bias media is shoving gun-control and banning guns down our throats almost as fiercely as their attacks on the President. I think what’s very funny (funny as in odd, not humorous) is how the media always features Hollywood actors and comedians spewing the most ungodly opinions as if regular people actually listen to them. Come on, who gives credibility to John Oliver, Whoopi Goldberg or Tom Hanks … or the HuffPost, Think Progress, CNN, MSNBC, POLITICO, Mother Jones, Yahoo News, and the like? If you do, then bend over and kiss your a$$ good-bye because don’t have the cods or discernment to realize you’re being lied to. HERE is a little tid-bit for those who doubt me.

Yeah, these are some really grieving kids …

Next up … “In Blow To Trump, Supreme Court Won’t Hear Appeal Of DACA Ruling.” Just curious, how is this a “blow to Trump?” I think it’s more of a blow to the country. The bottom line is the country has to accept renewal applications from over 700,000 illegal aliens so they can stay in the country. Nice. I’m not sure how it’s came about that a federal court can ‘trump’ the President of the United States and his absolute authority to protect the U.S. citizens … but that folks is where we are right now. This is why President Trump is placing conservative federal court justices across the country in the vacated positions left unfilled by Barack.

Continuing on with how the left is bent on open borders and flooding America with Democrat voters, the mayor of Oakland issued a warning to the illegal aliens in the city that ICE was planning to make sweeping arrests in the city, thus giving them the chance to hide. File this act on the staggering pace of the destruction of America via importing and protecting those in the U.S. illegally. I’m not an attorney, but I don’t think what the honorable mayor of Oakland did is legal … but then again, this is indicative of how breaking the law is getting to be the norm in today’s America, at least for Democrats and the left. I’m always curious as to the motive in making such decisions when they obviously put American citizens and law enforcement in jeopardy. Like HERE, and HERE, and HERE.  If you’d like a more complete list of how not a few illegal “immigrants” are creating chaos and affecting the lives of regular folks you can click right HERE.

The typical ‘hero’ or ‘courageous’ person according to the media is anyone who is lives a perverse life-style and publically announces such, and they are given a stunning amount of press-time if they say anything negatively or disparagingly against the U.S, the President, his family, the NRA, the Constitution, God, Christians and/or white and straight people. I sit here shaking my head at just how bizarre things have gotten. HERE is more on the boy-bone smoking, poop-chute packing media hero who hates President Trump and his family. Forgive my crass take on the homo. I can’t stand the hate-filled crap spewed by those who can’t even figure out which bathroom to use.

So right now the NRA is to blame for all gun related deaths in the U.S. I haven’t figured that one out yet, but I’m sure it will come to me … say … by the year 3,000. Perhaps one of the entities which are boycotting the NRA can explain it. I see United Airlines is cutting their ties to the NRA. I don’t think they gave a reason other than caving to what is referred to as ‘on-line mob’ mentality. In this article it says that United Airlines continues to support Planned Parenthood (yeah the same PP that sell aborted baby parts for profit). Reasoning tells me that they frown on killing kids with guns, but tearing them out of a womb is cool. This post isn’t an attempt to defend anything, but to point out that decency and constitutional rights are quickly being eroded. Eroded based on fear, lies, and hysteria. Non-citizens seem to have more rights than citizens. People shouldn’t be able to defend themselves, but just need to call 911 and wait for cops like from Broward County to show up. “Say something.” “Wait.” Don’t pray.  Well, that’s cool, just wait to pray after the shooting stops because praying won’t stop bullets. Teachers, you can’t have a gun because it’s a bad idea. (Trump says he thinks it could help, so automatically the idea is bad) Plus, who can guarantee that you have the mental stability to pull the trigger if a gun-man shows up in your classroom? Plus, what happens if you get into an argument with one of the students and he takes your gun? Plus what if your gun doesn’t work in an emergency situation, or you get faulty bullets? If you have a black gun will that make you a racist? Sigh, so many problems with so few answers.







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  1. hocuspocus13 permalink
    February 26, 2018 2:35 pm

    I’m not sure this comment will reach you as my others have not

    But of course WP allows Left Wing Doug’s comments to send…🤔…go figure

    To sum it up…

    One of the worst choices Americans ever made was to vote for Obama

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    • February 26, 2018 3:39 pm

      Your comments seem to be coming through hocus-pocus. I don’t get to respond to all though and I admit I’m taking too much time responding to Doug nonsense. It seems even the most basic of choices leaves him dumfounded when coming to a conclusion. I think it’s because he spends so much time trying to gather a witty reply or bizarre take on why something just might not work. I agree. Letting the Affirmative Action president into the White House was the defining moment of the decline of America.


  2. February 26, 2018 2:44 pm

    Actually, Steve… I can sense your frustration about it all… it does reflect mine to some degree, but as you know, that’s from the other direction. You and others perceive all this as being some grand organized liberal plan to destroy the country and then the world. Both parties are a complete mess right now so I dunno where you get this idea of organized deep state nonsense plots and sub-plots hell-bent on destruction. Why is it not even slightly possible to imagine all this dissent falling on Trump and his administration was in a large part done by him alone? Conservatives are sitting on the sidelines in sheer disbelief that anyone is disagreeing with Trump and his methods.
    I can only answer for myself… but if something from Mueller befalls Trump and he is pushed out.. if the mid term elections blow away the republican majority on Congress… if the 2020 election kicks republicans out of the White House… you will not see me gloating in the least. This whole process has divided the country so much. I may breath a sigh of relief on any of those scenarios if any of them occur. But it will be a shallow breath. If Trump passes all those pitfalls and lasts through a second term… for me I have more important things to keep my attention in whatever days I have left on this planet; too old to keep up with this crap.


  3. February 26, 2018 3:34 pm

    I love your blogs. I hated Obama, I thought from the very start when your Country elected him, he was so wrong for position of President, in fact Obama was useless, lets be honest he was elected for one reason only and that was his colour. When he came to the UK my God they were falling over themselves to do things for him. He was the first President in a long long time, if in fact ever, to speak in Westminster Hall, I was furious and why because this man Obama hated the British, as so very many Blacks seemed to do along with all the Scottish. We still survive.

    Now we have President Trump in America and the looney left are hell bent on destroying everything about him. I feel ashamed to be English the way that my Country has so disrespected President Trump. The Queen should hang her head in shame, she can shake hands with killers, IRA Murderers, but not the hand of President Trump. Here anything goes wrong they blame President Trump, not just in America does this happen. The looney Left are too strong here and they need to be kept out of power.

    No one gives President Trump the credit that is due to him, he has done more in the short time he has been in power than that Obama did in eight years. President Trump deserves the credit and the respect that is overdue to him. I like him very much, I hoped he would stand for President and he did, I hoped he would win and he did. He is a good man, and despite all the hatred there seems to be for him, he can hold his head high, because there are people all over the World that like and respect him. The First Lady is very beautiful and elegant compared to Obama’s wife, this should cause immense resentment and jealousy amongst some. President Trump will do another Four years.


    • February 26, 2018 6:52 pm

      Hello Anna Cottage!
      I’d like to add your blog to my blog roll if that’s okay with you. I think your site is very cool and uplifting. I need that occasionally. I don’t get the chance to visit other sites too often. I work over 60 hours a week and after major surgery 9 months ago which took it’s toll on me, I’m usually exhausted after the day is done.
      Yes, Obama was elected President exclusively because of his skin color. He got elected the 2nd time via the media covering up the crimes and his four years of destruction and division of the U.S. Notice how when Obama leaned over and said to the Russian to cut him a little slack, that he’ll have more flexibility after the election. Yeah, and Trump colluded with the Russians. Anyway, Obama was an absolute disaster for America and even the morons on the left know it, but won’t admit it. He disgusted me every time I heard his lying, pompous voice. His arrogance was stunning. His phony wife and freak-show of a family traveled the world on the tax-payers dime. Just look at the black community after eight years of this moron. Yet they are so freaking stupid, after 60 years of voting Democrat … well … just take a walk in any black neighborhood in any city in America. Better yet … don’t. I have black friends who feel the exact same way I do. They know the Democrats show up every four years for their vote and that’s it. It’s beyond sickening. The media here in America makes me sick. He is continually attacked for everything. There’s a saying that goes something like, ‘if someone is deemed wrong on everything … then he has to be right.’ The hatred by those on the left is so far out there. You’re right. The First Lady is a very classy woman, successful in her own right. Intelligent and dignified. The media tried to create a classy image for Michelle. It is laughable, and she (I think ‘she’) can’t hold a candle to Melania Trump. I’m frustrated at times with President Trump as sometimes I think he takes too much crap without really putting people in their places. You think he’s crass? Let me tell you, they wouldn’t want me in his position. They don’t know crass or rude! Anyway, thanks for stopping by and you’re comments are always welcome here!


  4. February 26, 2018 7:42 pm

    May the I AM always protect you Steve, I fully remember one long ago visit to your old blog while I was “safely” in my JibJab crib.
    I just reposted, in part, an article at Sons Of Liberty; (copyright, and they have no share button for WP, so it’s an excerpt with attribution, and a link.):

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    • February 26, 2018 7:55 pm

      Steve, just thought you’d want to add “did” to this statement on that Mayor:
      “…but I don’t think what the honorable mayor of Oakland DID is legal …”

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    • February 26, 2018 8:27 pm

      Thanks bro. I failed to prof-read my work this time around! 🙂

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    • February 26, 2018 8:27 pm

      Thank you brother! Ah yes, those were very fun times when ol’ Jib Jab was in it’s earlier times of jokes. I made some very dear friends there of whom I still communicate with. Betty Jo, and a couple others over at Facebook. Sadly lost contact with most though. Thank you for the reminder and the great link!

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  5. February 26, 2018 9:54 pm

    Reposted in its entirety; with a preface; Stay well, friend.


  6. February 27, 2018 8:50 pm

    Even though he’s become a multi-billionaire and beat the most ‘qualified’ presidential candidate in modern history, he’s a complete and utter failure. He eats bad, he dresses bad, he has bad hair, he’s fat, he’s rude, arrogant, illiterate, blind, stupid, racist, can’t formulate sentences, is insensitive, hateful, a sexual predator and on and on. His wife is a gold-digging whore-slut. His kids are autistic retards and don’t care about anyone but themselves. — You just described everything known about every Liberal I have ever met!

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  7. February 27, 2018 8:55 pm

    Reblogged this on Musings Of An Imaginary Billionaire.


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