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File another Hillary and Obama scandal under the rug

February 3, 2018

After work yesterday I went home pondering the “memo” and it’s contents. I had read at Yahoo News (of all places) various articles defending or down-playing the significance of what was revealed in it. Then, as I always do, I went to the comments section of the different articles to get a take on what the public in general thought about it. Some comments were obviously written by complete morons who couldn’t read a comic book and get the gist of the plot. Others grasped, though marginally, the fact that once again it’s been revealed that there are some people within our government and ‘law-enforcement’ agencies who aren’t exactly pillars of integrity.

I want to look at a little of what the memo revealed. We know the FBI obtained FISA warrants to spy on then presidential candidate Donald Trump’s associates.

The legal standard for a search warrant was stated by the Supreme Court in Aguilar v. Texas, 378 U.S. 108 (164).  The standard to apply when the facts necessary for probable cause are based on an informant and not the direct knowledge of the officer swearing the affidavit for probable cause is as follows:

“Although an affidavit supporting a search warrant may be based on hearsay information and need not reflect the direct personal observations of the affiant, the magistrate must be informed of some of the underlying circumstances relied on by the person providing the information and some of the underlying circumstances from which the affiant concluded that the informant, whose identity was not disclosed, was creditable or his information reliable.”

This is significant because when applying for a warrant based on information from an informant, the applicant must state why the informant is reliable.  In this case, the informant is Steele. In the typical case, the applicant states that the informant has provided reliable information in the past, or that the informant’s information has been verified and it must state how it was verified.  The FISA application should have informed the Court why Steele is credible.  The FISA application should have informed the Court that Steele was paid by the DNC, Hillary, and even the FBI authorized payment. The Steele Dossier has the additional problem that Steele obtained information from Russians whom he paid.

This should have been disclosed, because application relies on the information given by Russians paid by Steele, and relayed to Steele. This is double hearsay. This means the Court must be advised why the Russian agents, paid by Steele, are reliable.


Please read the memo if you haven’t yet. CLICK HERE TO READ IT.

Okay. I think we all can agree that this stuff is pretty bad. This is the very definition of ‘collusion,’ conspiracy, possibly sedition and criminal. I’m stunned when I see the media actually down-play this as routine or a ‘nothing-burger.’ What’s even more stunning is American citizens actually think that is okay and hope it somehow implicates President Trump!

I’ve seen a lot of conservatives claiming this is only the beginning of exposing the Democrats and their nefarious deeds, and more investigations are coming and ‘justice will finally be served.’

Don’t count on it folks. Don’t expect a damn thing to come from this. Do not expect one major player to be implicated, much less charged with a crime. It ain’t going to happen. Folks, we’ve been duped for many decades by our out of control government. By both Democrats and Republicans. We can go back to what got us into WWII, the invasion of Pearl Harbor by the Japanese. People in the government knew it was going to happen. Go to 1996 and TWA Flight 800. Talk about a cover up! JFK assassination? MLK? Oh yeah, “lone gunmen!” How about 9/11/2001? How many people lost their job on that one? Another massive cover-up. More recently, Fast and Furious, and the Benghazi massacre. IRS targeting conservative organizations and Israel supporters. Yeah, yeah, “conspiracy theorist!” No, conspiracy facts. When law enforcement officers or detectives are investigating a crime and a suspect changes their story, that change is focused on and used to get to the truth.

The problem with the American people is that when something doesn’t directly affect us in a personal way, we forget about it readily accepting whatever the government and media feeds us.

The Democrat Party, Hillary Clinton along with top ranking members of the FBI, DOJ and major media, along with foreign actors colluded to ensure Hillary would win the election. Since the miracle of all miracles happened, plan B was implemented and we’ve witnessed the fake investigation of Trump and Russia collusion, all the while Robert Mueller and his team of Democrat operatives have been busy covering up Hillary and Obama’s attempt to bring down President Trump.

The other day I saw a headline at the Washington Post which said something like Trump Should Not Have Picked A Fight With The FBI. There have been others who put out subtle warnings to President Trump. Like Joe Biden and Chuck Schumer. Personally, I take it as a threat to President Trump and at this stage of the game I put nothing past those who hate him.

Yes folks, we’re being duped and lied to again. This will simply go away, maybe as endless investigations run an imaginary course ending the same way Trey Gowdy’s investigation of the Benghazi massacre.

I believe every member of the Congress is corrupt. Though I do realize that one guy or gal can do little and just a visit from the men in black is enough to get them in line.

Well, it looks like I strayed off course as always. So, lets wait and see how this plays out. I’m willing to wager a week’s pay that nothing will happen beyond “investigations.”

Oh, one side note of thanks to President Trump. I’m a salaried employee and I noticed a $31.00 increase in my weekly take home pay! That’s $130.00 a month increase. No thanks to the Democrats who didn’t want me to have those “crumbs.”

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  1. hocuspocus13 permalink
    February 3, 2018 5:16 pm

    I have my

    Fingers Crossed
    Candles Lit
    Howling at the Moon

    That under this New Leadership of

    President Trump
    General Kelly

    Things will change and justice will prevail

    It is well needed…

    For a very long time for those to begin to pay for their corruption

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  2. February 3, 2018 8:46 pm

    Reblogged this on The way I see things ….

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  3. February 4, 2018 12:59 pm

    I should not be too surprised at the complicity of “The Media” in this mess because, after all, that “Thing” that we have been accustomed to calling “The Media” has been sold out body, mind, and soul to the elitist Leftists in this country for a long time now and their only mission in life is to make sure no Conservative voice is heard and that no misdeeds by their masters and owners are ever brought to light. The Lame Stream Media is the servant of the master that it obeys and they will not come to the light of truth because they hate the truth and love the darkness — and such as these have been spoken of in times past — especially in The Bible where we are warned that people like these will deceive even the elect if it be possible.

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  4. February 4, 2018 1:00 pm

    Reblogged this on American Liberal Times and commented:
    Cry and Howl never fails to hit the nail on the head in the most righteous manner possible and that is why I love to reblog his stuff — and this is one of the best:

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