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Military Base Commanders and Climate Change

July 3, 2016

Most of us are well aware that Obama and company, all of whom despise the U.S. military, have turned the Armed Forces (“armed? ” really?) into one gigantic social experiment, though I believe it’s simply a calculated, intentional weakening of the military. Gay Pride parades for gays. The lifting of the ban for transgender folks who want to serve in the military. The drafting of women and placing them in front-line combat units, and on and on. However, it appears even that stuff isn’t enough for Democrats and the left. Now, promotions are being considered for base commanders … please sit down for this … on how well they communicate the risk of climate change.

Check out Senator Sheldon Whitehouse … (the guy appears drunk and disoriented to me)


“The problem has been that the uniformed military has been reluctant to put its voice into– or its image into this fight. So, you’ve got the civilians, you’ve got the Quadrennial Defense Reviews, you’ve got the intelligence estimates, you’ve got the statements from our head of CINCPAC back when Admiral Locklear that this was the threat in the Pacific more than any other likely to disrupt things in a way that would disturb American interests. But, it’s hard to put a panel of people in uniform in front of the Environmental and Public Works Committee and say, you know, I’m a general, I’m an Admiral, I’m the head of the Marine Corps, we’re telling you–. What the Navy has done that’s been really interesting, Ray Maybus said he’s starting to actually evaluate his– you know, the military lives by evaluation– they’re starting to evaluate their base commanders on how well they communicate the risk of climate change about the base. So, if you’re the base commander of Norfolk, or of Naval Station Newport, or of– what is it, Cherry Creek Marine Air Station in North Carolina– you are suddenly have on your checklist of what you’re evaluated on how well you’ve communicated what the risk of climate change is. And, for those bases, for Navy bases particularly, it’s a really real risk. They’re on the sea. Sea level rise is going to swamp what they do. It’s really practical. So, when people hear it from as trusted a source as a uniformed military officer it will make a big difference, and they have not been very forward about it from the uniform side of the military. DOD has been good. Mabus has been the best.”

The military exists for one thing. To protect the United States and her citizens from foreign forces, period. The military is there to kill our enemies and win wars, of which I can’t recall anything in the “win” column under Barack Obama. Do you think Hillary will continue this weakening of the military? Geez folks, what the hell does it take for folks to bind together and stop the lunacy of the left? We’ve got good Christian folks who suddenly won’t vote because they “feel” Trump isn’t a Christian and now their conscience is smitten that they might have to vote for the non-Christian … after it’s the same thing they’ve done for decades. If anyone thinks Trump isn’t a Christian that’s fine. Personally, I don’t give a rat’s ass. In the battle of the “lesser of two evils” Donald Trump appears to be an angel IMHO, compared to Hillary. Those same Christians who refuse to vote thus facilitating the election of Hillary, just might find their belief in God labeled as a “hate crime” when Hillary appoints a couple far-left Supreme Court justices who will be all on board for her #NEVER Christian campaign.

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  1. July 3, 2016 10:54 pm

    If you think all that is something to behold then just you wait until the military gets the order to allow gay lovers to join up together and to fight on the front lines together. When that happens then you will really see something! Shades of Ancient Rome and Greece in their great period of decline!

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    • July 4, 2016 8:21 am

      Yep. But you know John, I don’t doubt the fighting ability of the gay community and whether they can fight or be loyal is not the issue. The issue is that America didn’t get to where it is today by being a social experiment organization to make a very small minority of people ‘feel good’ about them selves. The military is about unity … not letting every member flaunt their personal sexual preferences or any other preferences. It’s about making men and women come together with one goal … defeat the enemy.

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